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Compromised and weak passwords enable most hacking-related breaches — are your passwords safe? The Password Manager helps you secure your personal information with expert reviews of the latest password managers and online security tools.

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The Best Password Managers of 2024

Password managers offer both security and convenience — keeping your passwords safe and auto filling information for you. Learn about the best password managers on the market today.

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1Password Password Manager Review 2024

1Password offers leading password security. Read our comprehensive review of 1Password, comparing it with top competitors in terms of pricing and features.

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Password Manager Comparisons


Dashlane vs. 1Password

Both Dashlane and 1Password offer solid password management. See our head-to-head comparison to choose the one for you.

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1 in 10 Believe Their Bank Accounts Have Been ‘Hacked’ By a Netflix Password Mooch

Two of the biggest rules of thumb when it comes to password safety are not sharing passwords with others and using different passwords across accounts.

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65% of people don’t trust password managers despite 60% experiencing a data breach

Protecting accounts and devices with a password is a primary method of securing data, but it presents its own problems, including how to remember all your passwords.

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2 in 5 SMB Phishing Victims Lost $100,000+ in 2022

In December, PasswordManager surveyed over 1,600 executives and HR managers at SMBs to find out how phishing scams have affected their companies.

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Reliable Password Manager Reviews

You put your trust in password managers, so we investigate every tool with hands-on testing, expert analysis, and reviews from real users. We’ve tested the leading password managers for security, user experience, platform compatibility, and more — so you don’t have to. Every password manager we recommend is a trusted tool you can rely on for your online security.

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  • We test password managers with hands-on experience.

  • Recommendations come from security industry experts.

  • Password manager reviews include feedback from real users.