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Pros & Cons of Dashlane

Extensive compatibility across Mac, iOS, Windows, and Android devices as well as many different browsersLimited free version with inadequate services
Complex password generation for unique and secure passwords across all sitesNot ideal for pages with multiple logins
Dark Web searches to scan for compromised accountsLimited cloud storage options

Key Features of Dashlane

Many password managers are more similar than different, but the devil is always in the details. How password managers perform in the five most important features, including security and encryption, app compatibility, usability, password sharing and price, can make all the difference. This is a comprehensive breakdown of Dashlane’s approach to these key points.

Security & Encryption


Security is an area in which Dashlane excels, making use of numerous sophisticated security practices that ensure user data is virtually breach-proof. Like many of its peers, Dashlane embraces a zero-knowledge model, meaning that data stored on company servers is encrypted to the point that it is inaccessible even to employees. In addition, Dashlane also makes use of PBKDF2 SHA-256 and AES-256 encryption algorithms, as well as two-factor authentication, to further protect data. These are considered best practices in the world of security, so users can rest easy knowing that their passwords are safeguarded using some of the top tools available.

Dashlane has a few other security features that are somewhat unique. First, the password manager generates a device key that is individual to a device’s hardware and software in addition to a master password. This is required for user login as well, creating a virtually impenetrable model. In addition, Dashlane also routinely scans the Dark Web for account information to notify users of potential security problems. If account information is identified on a malicious page, Dashlane facilitates an easy update to keep logins secure.

App Compatibility

For users who use multiple devices to access accounts, from personal computers to work computers to cell phones, compatibility is a must. Luckily, Dashlane is pretty comprehensive here, offering compatibility with most major operating systems and browsers on the market. In addition to a downloadable product, Dashlane also works as a browser extension, increasing availability by working with browsers that aren’t necessarily specifically supported, like Opera. However, those who aren’t interested in a browser extension may be out of luck on some devices; Linux OS and Chromebook users are limited to in-browser functionality. This can be a shortcoming for those who want access to a more robust software-based product. Windows Phone, Windows, RT and Blackberry devices aren’t supported by Dashlane.

Dashlane App Compatibility

OperaYes, with browser extension
Internet ExplorerYes
Windows PCYes
LinuxYes, with browser extension
OtherChromebook with browser extension, Brave with browser extension

Usability & Ease of Use

dashlane usability

Dashlane is an intuitive and easy-to-use password manager, providing simple, effective ways for users to add passwords and organize information.

Initial account setup is fast and easy, allowing users to start managing passwords in minutes. After creating an account, users can import data, both from currently saved passwords within a chosen browser as well as exports from other password managers. New passwords can be added upon login to new sites. Dashlane allows users to store more than passwords, too; users can add things like bank account numbers, routing numbers, credit card numbers and CVV codes, SSNs, and any other helpful information related to each individual online account. When necessary, these items can be auto-filled, too.

Dashlane’s browser extension can be a benefit over standalone apps. Users can choose which fields they want to autofill, making it easy to control the flow of information. If desired, Dashlane can also generate secure passwords for users who do not wish to create their own. Password length and content, like the use of letters, digits, and symbols, can be customized. This ensures strong, unique passwords for every account. When it comes time to change passwords, Dashlane has a limited auto-change function that works with around 350 partner websites to automatically update passwords when prompted.

Password Sharing

daslane password sharing

Password sharing isn’t a feature that will be valuable to all password manager users, but can be helpful when managing shared accounts, like streaming platforms or news sites. Dashlane’s Sharing Center is accessible using the menu bar at the bottom right of the main screen. Using the Sharing Center, users can create unique vaults that can be shared with others. This can include entire accounts or, if preferred, individual passwords. The free version of Dashlane limits vaults to five passwords, but all paid versions come with an unlimited sharing option.

Sharing features are more robust when using business level plans. Dashlane for business includes Smart Spaces for managing both work and personal data as well as an admin console that can manage user password access based on job function and necessary permissions.


dashlane pricing

Price is a consideration for almost everyone choosing a password manager. Those considering Dashlane have the option of a free plan as well as several paid plans at varying price points. Unfortunately, Dashlane’s free plan is quite limited, allowing just 50 saved passwords and narrow sharing features. While this may be sufficient for those who do not have many accounts, the active modern web user is likely to require more options. Paid plans come with VPN access, premium customer support, unlimited sharing, and unlimited storage. Paid plans are available in both Premium and Premium plus categories for individual and family use; the primary difference is an identity theft protection feature included in Premium Plus plans.

Dashlane also has business options, with pricing starting at $4 per user for five or more users. Business plans include more group-specific sharing and access control features, as well as access to a Customer Success Manager for groups of more than 50 users.

Dashlane Plans & Pricing
IndividualFree basic plan; Premium $4.99 per month (billed annually) or Premium Plus $9.99 per month (billed annually)
FamilyPremium $7.49 per month (billed annually) or Premium Plus $14.99 per month (billed annually)
Teams$4 per user per month for 5+ users (billed annually)
Business$4 per user per month for 5+ users (billed annually)
Enterprise$4 per user per month for 5+ users (billed annually)

How Dashlane Works

dashlane 1
Basic functionality is at the core of what sets password managers like Dashlane apart from the competition. The features chart below outlines the basics of using Dashlane.

FunctionalityHow It Works
Setting up the vaultDashlane makes account setup fast and easy with a streamlined account creation process. Once accounts are in use, users can import passwords from either their browsers or other password managers.
Logging into accountsInformation on sites can be controlled by the user using the browser extension, allowing data to autofill selectively based on personal preference.
Creating passwordsUsers can create their own passwords or use Dashlane’s password generator. Generated passwords can be customized based on length and the use of letters, digits and special characters.
Changing passwordsThe password generator can be used to change passwords when needed. Dashlane also has an auto-change feature that can be used on select partner websites.
Sharing loginsLogin sharing is available using the Sharing Center, with which users can create individual vaults to share with others.
Recovering accountDashlane uses tools like biometric identification and password hints to recover account information. However, should this fail, a full account reset will be required to protect user information.
Advanced security featuresAdvanced security features include multifactor identification, a device-specific key, and dark web monitoring.

What Customers Are Saying

Dashlane users have a lot of positive feedback for the product, raving about both the features and unparalleled password security.

“Would struggle without Dashlane now, as effective passwords are so important in our lives now. I use it many times a day and it’s definitely worth the money,” says one reviewer. Another agrees, saying, “When I first discovered Dashlane it was a complete game changer, I still use the free version and my password security is second to none, I have never been so organised and confident and am now thinking of upgrading so I can share on my other devices.”

Bottom Line

For those looking for a reasonably affordable, extremely secure and highly functional password manager, Dashlane ticks many boxes. The use of the browser extension allows for significant control, offering a customized experience that many alternatives can’t provide. For those on a budget, there are better free plans on the market with enhanced functionality, but for those willing to spend, there’s a lot to love about Dashlane.