I. Pros & Cons of Keeper

Exceptionally strong securitySome users report buggy or inconvenient form-filling experiences
User-friendly interfaces with fingerprint and facial recognition loginsMinimal free plan offers little value (limited to one device with zero syncing)
Zero-knowledge model ensures only the customer has access to passwordsSome users report slow customer support response times
Family account makes sharing across members easy
Offers extra features such as secure file and photo storage

II. Key Features of Keeper

A password manager’s performance and value often depends on how it functions across five essential features: security and encryption, app compatibility, usability, password sharing, and price. Below, we discuss how Keeper fares in each of these five categories.

1. Security and Encryption

keeper Security and Encryption

Keeper’s exceptionally strong security functionality uses a zero-knowledge system to keep users’ passwords secure so that Keeper and its servers never have access to a user’s passwords or other personal information. All users are prompted to create a strong, unique “Master Password” that only they know, and users can also employ two-factor authentication by generating 10-byte, one-time-only secret keys.

The company uses what it calls “Client Encryption” with 256-bit encryption keys and the PBKDF2 algorithm, considered to be the strongest possible level of encryption. This ensures encryption and decryption happen locally on users’ devices and nowhere else. Additionally, the secure Cloud Vault isolates data stored and in transit within the users’ global data center.

In the case of a future emergency or death, Keeper’s emergency access system allows users to add up to five emergency contacts who can access their personal vault after a pre-specified wait time. Account recovery is also available through a system employing a user’s strong security question and answer, email verification, and possibly two-factor authentication.

2. App Compatibility

The Keeper app is compatible with most browsers and devices, including mobile phones, tablets, and computers. To easily and securely access their Keeper Vault, users can install the Keeper desktop app on their Mac, Windows or Linux operating systems, and to use the convenient and secure password autofill feature on websites, they can install the KeeperFill browser extension on Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari, and other popular browsers. The mobile app is also available for iPhone and Android users in Apple’s App Store and Google Play.

For ease of use and added security, users’ information syncs seamlessly, with no added configuration, between all of their devices through Keeper’s cloud-based Internet Sync feature. Internet Sync keeps a user’s passwords and other information protected in the event of a lost or stolen device. Keeper’s add-on secured chat feature, KeeperChat, can also be installed on Mac and Windows desktops and iPhone and Android mobile devices.

Keeper App Compatibility
Internet ExplorerYes
Windows PCYes

3. Usability and Ease of Use

keeper Usability and Ease of Use

Keeper’s usability and ease of use go far beyond its automatic syncing across multiple devices. It employs a simple setup process that walks users through the creation of their master password and importing passwords, credit card numbers, and other personal information into a secure, private digital Vault. In fact, Keeper can easily and quickly import passwords from web browsers, other password managers, and text files, along with allowing for simple and easy manual entry.

Keeper’s users can organize files and records within their vaults by dragging and dropping folders, and an intuitive search feature makes it easy to find specific login records and stored files. When users change or create a new login, Keeper can immediately auto-generate and store long, secure passwords with one click. Users can even auto-launch websites from their Vault by clicking on the website’s login record.

Aside from using their master password and two-factor authentication to log in to Keeper, users can use biometrics including fingerprints or facial identification on compatible mobile devices.

Once set up, Keeper makes logging into any website quick and painless, eliminating the need to remember or type in passwords through its automatic form filling and multi-platform KeeperFill feature.

4. Password Sharing

Keeper makes sharing passwords among other Keeper users simple, easy, and secure. The family plan is designed for families of up to five members, and all members have access to their own private vault that can store unlimited passwords, sync among unlimited devices and share records that can contain passwords, credit card numbers, bank account numbers and other personal information. Through the business and enterprise plans, users can share and manage files and records easily with other individuals or entire teams.

To share a password or entire folder of passwords and other information, users can simply open the record or folder they wish to share, tap the “Share” button and enter the email addresses of those whom they’d like to grant access. Shared folders are also easy to create and customize by adding a curated list of existing records. With all sharing features, users can assign specific management permission and specific permission levels for other users and the records and files they can view.

5. Price

keeper Price

Keeper’s pricing system allows customers such as families, businesses, and enterprise users with more complex needs to save while having the option to add additional features. It also allows individual users with more basic needs to benefit from a secure and easy-to-use, robust password management system at a highly affordable cost.

While Keeper does offer a free basic account, it is extremely bare-bones, only allowing users access to the application on one device without the ability to sync across platforms.

However, at approximately $30 per year, Keeper’s unlimited password management system is a high-value deal that comes with unlimited password storage, devices, and syncing along with unlimited identity and payments. Its web application includes secure record sharing, easy fingerprint, and facial ID biometric logins, emergency access, and around-the-clock customer support.

The family plan is twice the price but gives up to five family members access to their own private vaults and 10GB of secure file storage along with all of the benefits included with the individual plan.

Individual and family plan users can also pay more to subscribe to a bundled package that adds the KeeperChat private messenger, the BreachWatch dark web monitoring feature, and secure file storage.

Business and enterprise plans are $2.50 and $3.75 per user per month, respectively. The business plan includes additional security features to the individual and family plans such as a security audit, basic two-factor authentication, and activity reporting. The enterprise plan includes everything the business plan offers along with more complex services such as command line provisioning, advanced two-factor authentication, and developer APIs for password rotation.

Keeper Plans & Pricing
Student50% off of Keeper Unlimited with verified student status through Student Beans
PersonalFree basic; Keeper Unlimited Password Manager $2.49/month ($29.99 billed annually); Max Bundle $4.99/month ($59.97 billed annually)
FamilyKeeper Family Password Manager $4.99/month ($59.99 billed annually); Family Bundle $9.99/month ($119.98 billed annually)
Business$2.50 per user, per month ($30 billed annually)
Enterprise$3.75 per user, per month ($45 billed annually)

III. How Keeper Works

FunctionalityHow It Works
Logging into accountsClick the Keeper lock to autofill username and password; select account from a list; search for a record in the desktop app
Creating passwordsAutomatically generate new passwords with one click
Changing passwordsAutomatic prompts on “change password” screens; one click creates a new, strong, automatically generated password
Sharing loginsSecure record and folder sharing with other Keeper users with individual, family, business, and enterprise accounts
Recovering accountSecurity question and answer with emailed backup authorization code and two-factor authentication (if enabled)
Advanced security featuresTwo-factor authentication, zero-knowledge architecture, emergency access, and BreachWatch add-on

IV. What Customers Are Saying

Users praise Keeper for its smooth compatibility across devices and for making using its app an enjoyable experience. One online reviewer says, “I’ve been a user of Keeper Security for over 5 years. The App is easy to use (actually fun to use), I have all my passwords available on my smartphone, laptop or desktop whenever I need them.”

Others say they appreciate Keeper’s strong security and ability to track numerous personal and business logins, with one user stating, “This software is so easy to use and comes with military grade encryption, so that, you never have to worry about your passwords getting stolen. Anyone working for a company that requires multiple passwords or just to keep track of your personal log ins, I would highly recommend this program!”

Bottom Line

Ultimately, we feel Keeper excels for strong password security that includes its zero-knowledge system, secure encryption methods, and two-factor authentication. Its ease of use also stands out for individual, family and businesses users thanks to its biometric login capability, easy record sharing functionality and painless password autofill function that allows users to log in to websites and apps from any and all of their devices. While some users do report a sometimes buggy form-filling experience that can come with recent updates, overall they report a smooth user experience that comes with invaluable peace of mind.