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With numerous online accounts and sensitive information at stake, businesses need a reliable solution to protect their data and streamline access management. That’s where password managers come in. Password managers can safeguard sensitive information in your enterprise, helping you generate and remember strong passwords, fill out online forms, and secure information. Review our list to find the best password manager for your enterprise.

Top 2024 Enterprise Password Manager Recommendations

Best overall: 1Password (4.8)

We chose 1Password as the best enterprise password manager of 2024 for its robust security features and scalability.

Learn more about how we rate password managers.

The Best Enterprise Password Managers of 2024


Best secure, scalable enterprise password manager


1Password is a popular password manager provider with millions of individuals and businesses using its app. This company provides exceptional security at a fair price and continues to innovate and expand to meet the ever-changing needs of its customers.

Starting price 4.7/5Platform compatibility 5.0/5User experience (UX) 5.0/5Form filling 5.0/5Security 4.5/5Two-factor authentication (2FA) 5.0/5Top features
Customized pricingAndroid, iOS, Linux, Mac, Web (Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari), WindowsUser-friendly app and desktop versionSimple form filling with Watchtower, a password monitoring feature for mobileAES 256-bit encryption, two-factor authentication (2FA)Dual-key encryption, a trusted single sign-on (SSO) device model
  • Strong password generator
  • Easily sync apps between various services
  • Simple to share passwords across teams with multiple vaults (folders) to manage passwords
  • No security breaches on record
  • Watchtower password monitoring feature
  • Detailed views of items and vaults

There’s a reason why corporations including Under Armor, IBM, and over 100,000 other businesses use 1Password Enterprise as a password manager to prevent data breaches and improve password health. It offers industry-leading privacy and security, and I could not find proof of it being hacked during research.

1Password Enterprise allows you to connect existing SIEM tools, and its unified easy-to-navigate security dashboard provides a comprehensive security overview so you always know where the business stands and what risks have been red-flagged. I find this to be extremely valuable for growing businesses onboarding new team members and handling sensitive customer information.

I like how 1Password connects with other business tools, such as giving businesses the ability to provision employees with Okta and Azure identity management services. Another feature I found helpful for businesses is the seamless report generation that allows you to integrate with data-indexing tools like Splunk to create alerts and customized logs.

And a real benefit to the Enterprise subscription is the support. To make getting started with 1Password seamless, they’ll assign a team to help you with adoption and troubleshooting whenever you need it.

Considering how corporations are held to high standards for compliance, 1Password checks all those boxes with its audit logs, and it is Service Organization Control (SOC2) Type 2 compliant, along with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR in European Union), and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA in California).

Compared to other business password managers, 1Password’s security features, scalability, and seamless integration with other data and information tools make it a win for enterprises of all sizes.

Who is 1Password Enterprise best for?

My testing shows that 1Password suits small, mid, and enterprise-level business owners. As for its Enterprise plan, global corporations can access the tools and necessary security with the customizable plan, and a dedicated team for onboarding and support.


Recent upgrades to 1Password Enterprise:

1Password keeps your feedback in mind when releasing updates and new features. I like the enhanced dashboard that allows for more personalization. Also, if you choose, you can now tweet your Watchtower score.

Editing entries is easier, and now security is even better — despite already stellar security — because 1Password is on the web programming language Rust. 1Password’s redesigned sidebar is easier to navigate, in my opinion.

1Password Enterprise pricing:

1Password Enterprise pricing is customized based on your business size and requirements, so you must call an account representative to determine the cost. That said, I found pricing for its Teams Starter Pack for $19.99 valuable for protecting up to 10 people. Dashlane’s Starter plan for teams costs $20 per month for up to 10 seats.

As with Dashlane and 1Password, Keeper Enterprise also customizes pricing. Its basic Starter plan is $2 per month per person, which would cost less than competitors considering the best cheap password managers if your team is smaller than 10 users.


Pros and cons of 1Password Enterprise


  • No evidence of being hacked
  • Scalable plans accommodate small and midsize businesses (SMBs) and enterprises
  • Dedicated team for onboarding and support with Enterprise plan
  • Connects with other security tools like Okta and Azure, and data-indexing platforms like Splunk
  • Unified security dashboard with comprehensive insights and customized reporting
  • Recent upgrades to all OS


  • 24/7 support is via email only, with the exception of an Enterprise subscription
  • Good for SMBs but seem to prefer to work with enterprise businesses


Best for concierge support

Dashlane logo

Dashlane stands out with premium features such as virtual private network (VPN), password health checker, and live dark web monitoring. I like how Enterprise plan subscribers get dedicated customer success managers and access to support specialists like a technical engineer for onboarding.

Starting price 4.7/5Platform compatibility 5.0/5User experience (UX) 4.7/5Form filling 4.7/5Security 4.7/5Two-factor authentication (2FA) 4.2/5Top features
FreeWindows, macOS, Linux, Chrome, Firefox, OS, iOS, Brave, Edge, Opera, AndroidSimplistic, easy-to-navigate platformEffective with built-in sections for logins, payment information, addresses, and IDs256-bit AES encryption and 2FAIt comes with authenticator apps, security keys, backup codes, and multifactor authentication (MFA)
  • Includes a VPN
  • Dark web monitoring
  • Imports passwords from other platforms
  • Dedicated customer service manager for enterprise accounts
  • Onboarding customer support specialists, including a technical engineer

Dashlane’s Enterprise plan is customized to meet each business’s needs, from number of people to support and capabilities. As with its Premium plan for individuals, Dashlane for business includes a VPN and dark web monitoring — but there’s so much more to the enterprise option.

Namely, Dashlane Enterprise gives you a dedicated customer “success” manager that supports you through the life of your subscription. I appreciate that you can access a single point of contact, and this is helpful for in-house IT departments that can coordinate directly with a Dashlane representative. It’s very relationship-driven.

Another bonus is Dashlane’s support for onboarding if you are an Enterprise subscriber. No matter the size of your business, you can lean on a dedicated technical engineer and support person. This is the level of concierge service I expect from a high-level password manager providing enterprise services.

Who is Dashlane best for?

Dashlane for enterprise businesses is best for businesses that want dedicated support services and a single point of contact for answering questions and onboarding assistance.


Recent upgrades to Dashlane:

Dashlane Business plan members now receive a phishing alert and a warning if you copy and paste login information saved in Dashlane to a website not associated with that login in the provider’s app. This alert is also available to individual and family plan subscribers.

Another change to Dashlane Starter, Team, and Business plans from a May 2023 update is if the free trial ends and a plan is not purchased, it enters a grace period and is then frozen. You can unfreeze the plan if you make a payment. Because Dashlane Enterprise is a customized price, this does not impact those subscribers.

Dashlane pricing:

Dashlane offers a variety of plans for individuals, families, and businesses — but Enterprise plan pricing is customized. You have to call its customer service department to get any details about the cost.


Pros and cons of Dashlane


  • No evidence of being hacked
  • Dedicated customer success manager
  • Onboarding support, including a technical engineer assigned to your account
  • Can accommodate enterprise businesses of all sizes
  • Comes with a VPN


  • Limited free version can only be used on one device
  • Generates strong passwords that are important for enterprise-level businesses
  • 2FA does not include biometrics

Keeper Enterprise

Best for tailored programs and SIEM integration


Keeper Enterprise has top-notch security and stand-out reporting with custom analytics. The Enterprise program can be customized to include solutions beyond password management, including handling secrets, connections, and privileged access.

Starting price 4.5/5Platform compatibility 4.5/5User experience (UX) 5.0/5Form filling 4.5/5Security 4.5/5Two-factor authentication (2FA) 5.0/5Top features
Enterprise plans are customized; call customer service for pricingAndroid, iOS, Linux, Mac, Web (Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, Opera), WindowsSeamless across all platformsConvenient Keeper icon pops up upon login so you can autofill saved credentialsAES 256-bit encryption, 2FA, dark web monitoring, native SIEM integration that collects and integrates data from the entire IT infrastructureYou can configure role-based enforcement policies
  • Strong security record with no breaches on record
  • BreachWatch dark web monitoring
  • Tech stack integration
  • Curated bundle programs include options like management of secrets, connection, and privileged access
  • Onboarding engineers speak local languages
  • User training, onboarding, and support

Keeper’s Enterprise services are customized based on your business size and needs. A bundled program can include any or all of the following services: management of passwords, secrets, connections, and privileged access. For this reason, Keeper is so much more than a tool to generate strong passwords and autofill.

In my opinion, a standout feature is its BreachWatch dark web monitoring, which constantly sifts through the dark web for breached passwords that match the ones stored in your vault. This is an important intel tool for enterprise businesses.

A solid enterprise feature that Keeper Enterprise offers is tech stack integration. You don’t have to manually send information from one system to another — a real benefit considering enterprise-level businesses looking for a password manager are usually operating a number of systems. The more hands-off employees are with handling information, the better your business can manage security and reduce cyber risks.

Who is Keeper Enterprise best for?

What I like about Keeper Enterprise is its stop-gap security and tailored enterprise password manager, and it provides Enterprise License Agreements (ELA) so you can budget for the expense with fixed costs and terms. Businesses of all sizes will do well with Keeper because of its scalable plans. Aside from the Enterprise subscription, Keeper offers multiple business plans to suit companies of all sizes.


Recent upgrades to Keeper Enterprise:

Android Version 16.6.60 fixes some bugs like crashing when switching accounts after a linked record is removed from a shared folder. Also, Keeper announced it is testing a new AI chatbot service that can help with any Keeper subject for support.

Keeper Enterprise pricing:

Keeper Enterprise tailors pricing based on your business needs. To get a quote, you have to call a Keeper account representative. The company does not share information about cost otherwise.

This is standard, with all of our top-rated enterprise password managers adopting the same ELAs and subscription agreements approach. And given that enterprise programs are based on size, scale, and existing IT infrastructure, we wouldn’t expect it any other way.


Pros and cons of Keeper Enterprise


  • Strong security record with no breaches on record
  • BreachWatch dark web monitoring
  • Tech stack integration
  • Curated bundle programs
  • Onboarding engineers speak local languages
  • User training, onboarding, and support


  • Autofill was a bit awkward at times
  • Dark web monitoring with BreachWatch is an additional charge

How Our Best Enterprise Password Managers Compare

While I chose 1Password as the Best Enterprise Password Manager, the competition is close. Dashlane Business and Keeper Enterprise are both excellent options you may prefer over 1Password, mainly if you have a small business and can take advantage of pricing like Keeper’s $2 per user for its starter plan.

These three stood out above the competitors mainly due to robust enterprise features, and a stable security history, and easy-to-navigate dashboards.

Not one has ever experienced a data breach in its history as a service. And all are easy for every type of person to navigate — an important consideration if you’re looking to use a password manager at the business level.

You may find these features in other services, but these three excelled at the criteria. It’s hard to go wrong with any of these options.

Other password managers we considered but didn’t rank among the best include:

  • Bitwarden: One of the best free password managers with 2FA keys, Bitwarden offers much value. However, it lacks dark web monitoring, extra storage, and limited auto-fill.
  • LastPass: It offers great features for the price and an innovative user interface (UI), but it has a history of data breaches, and user support can be difficult to access.
  • NordPass: Top-notch security features make NordPass an excellent choice, but suffers from limited customization and sometimes-poor performance with auto-fill errors.
  • RoboForm: This syncs passwords across multiple platforms with a master password but isn’t compatible with USB security keys.

See how the best password managers compare to other top-tier options. Note that Enterprise plan pricing is available by contacting an account representative at these companies. The starting prices here are for individual plans, and all of the password managers we reviewed offer business tiers.

Password managerDetailsBest features

Overall rating: (4.8)

Read our full 1Password review.

Starting price: $2.99 per month

Platform compatibility: Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Web (Brave, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari), Windows

Security: AES 256-bit encryption, 2FA

  • Unlimited passwords
  • Password sharing with all plans
  • 2FA with all plans

Overall rating: (4.7)

Read our full Dashlane review.

Consider Dashlane if: You’re only interested in a personal plan.

Starting price: Free

Platform compatibility: Android, iOS, Mac, Web (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari), Windows

Security: AES 256-bit encryption, 2FA

  • Unlimited passwords and devices
  • SSO integration for Business plan
  • 2FA with all plans

Overall rating: (4.6)

Read our full Keeper review.

Consider Keeper if: You want to enjoy the feature of secure biometric logins.

Starting price: $3.75 per user

Platform compatibility: Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iPhone, and iPad. Browser extensions for Safari, Opera, Firefox, Edge, Chrome

Security: AES 256-bit encryption, PBKDF2

  • Unlimited passwords
  • User-friendly interface with secure biometric logins
  • Secure password saving and sharing with zero-knowledge security

Overall rating: (4.5)

Read our full RoboForm review.

Consider RoboForm if: You want to sync your passwords through multiple platforms and won’t mind its compatibility with fewer platforms than 1Password.

Starting price: $24 per year

Platform compatibility: Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android support for their respective major browsers, including Edge

Security: AES 256-bit encryption, 2FA

  • One-click logins
  • Capture passwords while you browse
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Supported on many platforms
  • Keep your passwords in sync

Overall rating: (4.4)

Read our full LastPass review.

Consider LastPass if: You want to get additional features and are willing to pay a high price for it.

Starting price: $3 per month

Platform compatibility: Windows, Mac, Linux, and mobile platform

Security: Zero-knowledge security model

  • Access on all devices
  • One-to-many sharing
  • Password manager and generator
  • Dark web monitoring

Overall rating: (4.3)

Read our full NordPass review.

Consider NordPass if: You want the same packages for your family and business.

Starting price: $2.49 per month

Platform compatibility: Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and popular browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Brave, Opera, and Safari

Security: XChaCha20 encryption algorithm and a zero-knowledge policy

  • Secure data sharing solution
  • Safe sharing of login details
  • Real-time breach monitoring
  • Data breach scanner

What You Need To Know About the Best Enterprise Password Managers of 2024

  • What is an enterprise password manager?

    With an enterprise password manager, you can securely control credentials for accounts, systems, and applications. This includes saving, storing, sharing, and managing data, from passwords to financial accounts and sensitive business information.

  • What is the best enterprise password manager?

    Based on our research, the best enterprise password manager is 1Password because it is simple to share passwords across teams, and you can set up folders to manage and share.

    There are no security breaches on record. 1Password has a special Watchtower password monitoring feature that flags weak and vulnerable passwords so you can address them before they become security issues. We also like the 24/7 email support.

  • What are the requirements for an enterprise password manager?

    An effective enterprise password manager should allow you to create secure, shared accounts and be scalable as your business grows. Look for an enterprise password manager with MFA that can be used seamlessly across desktops, laptops, and mobile devices.

    Ease of use is also key for password managers used in business, otherwise, you might have a tough time getting team members to adopt the system — or you’ll deal with lots of tech support calls and IT troubleshooting.

  • Are enterprise password managers secure?

    Enterprise password managers are secure if they operate on an AES 256-bit encrypted platform and include at least 2FA and, ideally, MFA. We rated the top enterprise password managers, and the best three – 1Password, Dashlane, and Keeper — show no record of security breaches.

  • What do enterprise password managers protect?

    In the business environment, enterprise password managers protect privileged credentials, account passwords, and Secure Shell (SSH) keys that allow computers to share information across a network. Admins can save, secure, share, and manage sensitive data and identify suspicious activity.

    The best password managers also offer tools that identify weak passwords, and some provide a VPN. A password manager is like insurance for your secure information.

  • What is the best password manager for professionals?

    The best password manager for your business depends on your size, number of people, and data security needs. Professionals should choose a password manager that is scalable, secure, and allows for sharing sensitive files and privileged credentials.

How I Rated the Best Enterprise Password Managers of 2024

On the surface, all password managers essentially fulfill the same functions — they generate and store passwords. In creating our list of recommendations for the best password manager, we dug deeper, comparing software on what matters most, including price, platform compatibility, security, and other factors.

I signed up for a plan with each provider to test:

  • Plan value: A balance of plan features and affordability
  • Platform compatibility: Usability across a range of platforms, devices, and browsers
  • UX: Ease of navigation and intuitive structure
  • Form filling: Consistency and convenience of auto-filling forms and vault customization
  • Security: Encryption method and security breach history
  • Two-factor authentication (2FA): Range of 2FA options, such as authenticator apps, security tokens, and biometric factors

Learn more about our review methodology.


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He holds a bachelor’s degree in music from Thomas Edison State University and a master’s in organizational development and leadership from the University of the Incarnate Word.

Kallstrom has completed several Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) courses, including Security+, Network+, A+ Core 1, and A+ Core 2. He earned a CompTIA Security+ Certification. Additionally, he has completed the Cyber Warrior Academy program with more than 800 hours of hands-on, intensive, and lab-driven technical training in cybersecurity methods and procedures.

Passionate about all things cyber, Kallstrom was a speaker on a panel at the 2022 InfoSec World conference, giving a talk entitled “Hacking into a Cyber Career – True Stories.” Kallstrom is also a mentor to entry-level cybersecurity candidates seeking to break into the field. When he’s not working, he still enjoys playing guitar and fishing (not phishing).