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The 10 Best Cheap Password Managers

Best Password Managers for Seniors Reviews


Best for Changing Passwords

Dashlane's dashboard

Even if you know that a password manager is good for you, you might be reluctant to make the switch away from your current password strategies. Since internet users often have the same password for many different accounts, you could spend hours generating and implementing strong and unique passwords easily for your entire digital presence. Dashlane is the only password manager we’ve seen with an automatic password changer that does the work for you. While it doesn’t work on every site, it can still streamline this process and help you minimize the friction that comes with a new password manager.

Free Dashlane users can’t use the password changer, and they are also limited to a total of 50 passwords. At $6.49 per month or $4.99 per month paid annually, the Premium tier removes those limitations and introduces extra features like dark web monitoring, 1 GB of file storage, and access to a secure VPN. New users can start with a 30-day free trial of premium before deciding whether to continue their subscription.

Dashlane is a popular password manager with strong reviews on many different platforms and feedback sites. We found that numerous users agreed on the utility of the password changer tool, which is one of Dashlane’s most unique advantages over other password managers. Reviewers are mostly happy with the interface and design, which is noticeably sleeker and more modern than many of Dashlane’s competitors.


  • Change passwords through Dashlane instead of going through the provider’s website or app
  • Premium plans come with a secure VPN
  • 30-day free trial


  • More expensive than most competitors at $4.99 per month paid annually
Dashlane Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics OfferedForms of 2FAMore Features
Individual: $3.99/month
Family: $5.99/month
AES256Two-Factor Authentication>PIN
>TOTP generator apps
>Offers password sharing
>Password generator
>Form filling
>More features at Dashlane



Best Customer Support

1Password Dashboard

Customer support might not be the most exciting feature to look for in a password manager, but it can make a big difference in the overall experience. Since password managers can be complex and unpredictable, you should be able to get help with any unexpected issues as soon as possible. 1Password made our list as the provider with the best customer support due to its 24/7 availability, comprehensive help resources, and surprisingly active community forum. The strength of its customer support is also reflected in strong user reviews.

Similar to Enpass, 1Password is another provider that doesn’t offer any kind of ongoing access. You can get a 14-day free trial if you’re a new user, but you will have to pay to keep your account active after that. Paid plans run $2.99 per month paid annually and come with all password manager tools plus 1 GB of file storage. 1Password is compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, and five different web browsers: Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, and Brave. However, its two-factor authentication support is less impressive — you will need to download an authenticator app like Authy or Microsoft Authenticator to approve new login attempts.

1Password’s 24/7 customer support stands out on its own, but we also found that most users have great things to say about the service team. Regardless of the problem they were experiencing, virtually all reviewers agreed that 1Password support was able to help them resolve it without any delay. One said that “the customer support team is very attentive, responsive and super willing to have normal conversations to fix problems — no cut and paste replies.”


  • 24/7 customer service availability
  • Great app compatibility
  • Comes with 1 GB of file storage


  • No free plan, just a 14-day trial
1Password Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics OfferedForms of 2FAMore Features
Individual: $2.99/month billed annually
Family: $4.99/ family of 5/month billed annually
AES-GCM-256Two-Factor Authentication>QR code Confirmation
>Codes to your device
>Offers password sharing
>Has password generator
>Device Syncing
>More features at 1Password



Best Mobile App

Keeper Security Dashboard

Almost every password manager offers a mobile app in 2023, but some apps are still much more effective than others. We gave Keeper Password Manager the nod as the provider with the best mobile app due to its incredibly strong user reviews on both iOS and Android. The interface is easy to use, the autofill functionality works consistently on all devices, and Keeper offers responsive customer support to help users resolve technical issues as quickly as possible.

Pricing for Keeper depends on the features you’re looking for. At $2.91 per month paid annually, the basic premium subscription comes with all password management features including password sharing, emergency access, and 24/7 support. However, you’ll need to upgrade to the Keeper Plus Bundle ($4.87 per month billed annually) if you want to add dark web monitoring and secure file storage. While there is a free option, this version of Keeper is severely limited — for example, you can only access your account on a single mobile device.

Keeper stood out to us for its exceptionally strong user reviews regardless of platform. One reviewer mentioned that Keeper may even be “too secure” due to its strict policies around account recovery. You won’t be able to recover your account if you forget your master password, security questions, and other recovery details, so it’s critical to keep this information in a safe place.


  • Excellent user reviews on mobile
  • Helpful customer support
  • 30-day free trial


  • More expensive than most other password managers
Keeper Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics OfferedForms of 2FAMore Features
$6.24/month billed annuallyAES256Two-Factor Authentication>Confirmation Codes to your device
>TOTP generator apps
>Free version
>Form filling
>Device syncing
>More features at Keeper



Best Long-term Deal

Enpass Dashboard

When you think of a cheap password manager, you probably think of a service that only charges a few dollars per month. That said, even a low monthly fee will add up over time — especially since most of us will probably continue to use digital accounts for the rest of our lives. Enpass offers a unique one-time license option that comes with unlimited lifetime access for a single payment of $79.99. Even better, this was discounted to just $59.99 when we visited their website. That’s more than you’ll spend upfront with any other password manager, but it’s also the lowest price on the market over the long run.

At the same time, Enpass also offers reasonably priced subscriptions. You can get the same plan for $2.67 per month paid every six months or $2 per month paid annually. These options also come with significant discounts for the initial subscription, bringing the price down by more than 50%. One of the most unique features of Enpass is the ability to securely sync your cloud storage with other cloud services, such as iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Enpass has generally received solid reviews, but feedback is more mixed compared to other top providers. Users seem to have consistently good experiences with the autofill tool. Like us, they also noticed the extreme value of lifetime licenses over long periods of time. As with most other password managers, the most common complaints center on technical issues like app compatibility problems on Android. While Enpass supports a kind of oblique form of password sharing through third-party cloud services, it’s missing the native password sharing tools that are offered by most other major providers.


  • Lifetime license for just $79.99 (currently $59.99)
  • Sync cloud storage to other platforms like iCloud, Dropbox, and Google Drive


  • No direct password sharing tool
EnPass Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics OfferedForms of 2FAMore Features
Individual: $2.00/month billed annually
Family: $3/month
One time payment: $79.99/month
AES256Two-Factor Authentication>Password
>TOTP generator apps
>Free Version
>Password report
>Form Filling
>More features at EnPass



Best Free Option

Bitwarden's dashboard

It’s common for password managers to offer some kind of free plan. Unfortunately, free tiers are usually too limited to be very practical for most users. Bitwarden’s free option is a welcome change from that norm, allowing members to save as many passwords as they want and even sync information across devices. While paid users gain some extra two-factor authentication methods and other helpful features, Bitwarden is still the best free password manager with two-factor authentication in 2023.

Premium Bitwarden plans cost $10 per year, which works out to a rate of less than $1 per month. Free users can only set up two-factor authentication through email and authenticator apps. The Premium tier adds in support for Duo and YubiKey — those are nice to have if you use those services, but it won’t make much of a difference for most users. Bitwarden also offers its own authentication service called Bitwarden Authenticator. Other premium features include emergency access and file sharing.

Despite its low cost and decent free option, Bitwarden still holds up well in user reviews. Feedback stands out with respect to ease of use, and many reviewers also have great things to say about Bitwarden’s customer support. One person mentioned that they got a response from the Bitwarden team within one hour of sending a message on a Sunday morning — despite only being a free user.


  • Solid free plan
  • Excellent user reviews
  • Comes with a built-in Bitwarden Authenticator


  • Advanced two-factor authentication methods limited to paid plans
Bitwarden Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics OfferedForms of 2FAMore Features
$1.00/month billed annuallyAES256Multi-Factor Authentication>Yes>Free Version
>Form filling
>Device syncing
>More features at Bitwarden



Best Two-Factor Authentication Support

LogMeOnce Dashboard

While other password managers offer some unique benefits, it’s hard to find a better option than LogMeOnce with respect to two-factor authentication (2FA). Along with basic authentication tools like short message stage (SMS), email, and Google Authenticator, LogMeOnce is also compatible with a long list of other verification methods including USB tokens, X.509 certificates, and even a unique “selfie 2FA” system. If you want the most flexible 2FA, you should go with LogMeOnce.

You can access LogMeOnce at no charge, but you’ll miss out on some of its most helpful features. For example, free users can only use email and Google Authenticator for two-factor authentication, they can only share five passwords, and they can only use 1 MB of storage. At $2.50 per month paid annually, the Professional tier comes with 1 GB of storage, 50 shared passwords, and some extra 2FA methods. The Ultimate tier introduces the rest of the 2FA tools plus unlimited sharing, 10 GB of storage, and other advanced features for $3.25 per month paid annually.

LogMeOnce has great user reviews on every major platform except for Android. Android reviewers tend to report frequent technical issues, so this isn’t a great option if you’re looking for the best Android password manager. However, users on virtually every other platform have excellent experiences with LogMeOnce. Most reviewers are satisfied with the intuitive user interface (UI) as well as the passwordless login tool.


  • Supports various two-factor authentication methods including selfies
  • Get up to 10 GB of storage with the Ultimate plan
  • Compatible with passwordless login


  • Paid plans start at $2.50 per month billed annually
  • Negative Android reviews
LogMeOnce Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics offeredForms of 2FAMore Features
$2.50/monthAES256 and SHA-512Two-Factor Authentication>Confirmation Codes to your device
>TOTP generator apps
>Free version
>Form filling
>Has password generator
>More features at LogMeOnce



Best for One Device

KeePassXC Dashboard

In 2023, most major password managers are built to keep track of passwords across multiple devices. If you change a password on your phone, your provider will sync the new password automatically to every other device you use. KeePassXC is missing a native cross-device sync tool, but it’s an ideal choice for users who only need a password manager on a single device. Furthermore, keeping your passwords offline removes the possibility of your data being intercepted somewhere else — for example, if your provider experiences a data breach.

Like Bitwarden, KeePassXC is open-source software and totally free to use. However, there is no paid KeePassXC version at all, so you won’t miss out on any premium features like you would with a free Bitwarden plan. KeePassXC supports time-based one-time password (TOTP) storage and generation, and it’s also compatible with common two-factor authentication methods like YubiKey and OnlyKey. While there is no built-in function to sync information in the cloud, you can route your data through a third-party cloud storage service like Google Drive to keep your passwords consistent across different devices.

KeePassXC is part of the KeePass ecosystem. KeePass is one of the most popular open-source password manager platforms, and it has led to many different clients including KeePassDX and KeePassXC. Feedback is generally positive for various KeePass-based services, but we weren’t able to find any reviews of KeePassXC in particular.


  • Offline storage minimizes cybersecurity risks
  • Free and open-source
  • Flexible two-factor authentication


  • More complex than most other password managers
  • Limited user reviews
KeePassXC Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics OfferedForms of 2FAMore Features
FreeAES256Two-Factor Authentication>Confirmation Codes to your device
>TOTP generator apps
>Offers password sharing
>Free version
>Has password generator
>More features at KeePassXC



Best Password Sharing Tools

Zoho Vault dashboard

If you just need to store passwords for your own use, you don’t need to worry about password sharing. However, many internet users need to give passwords to friends, family members, and others to share access to a single account. While it’s common for people to share passwords through channels like SMS and email, a secure password manager is a much better tool for password sharing. Zoho Vault offers the best password sharing features of any provider we’ve looked at. You can choose from four different kinds of access permissions and instantly revoke all sharing access as needed.

After a 15-day free trial, Individual Zoho Vault users can stick with limited free access or upgrade to the Standard plan for 90 cents per month billed annually. This plan also scales up for additional users — for example, a five-person Standard subscription would run $4.50 per month billed annually. Standard users gain access to additional features like priority support, password sharing, cloud backups, and G Suite/Office 365 integration. However, you can get most password management functionality with the free plan.

Zoho Vault has mostly positive reviews across all platforms. Users are especially happy with its robust functionality for less than $1 per month. As with most other providers, there are more complaints about Zoho Vault on Android than on other devices. One thing that stood out to us when reading those reviews is that the Zoho team responded directly to most criticisms and seemed to make a real effort to resolve the issue.


  • Fine-grained password sharing options
  • 15-day free trial with no credit card required
  • Flexible subscriptions for groups and teams


  • No file storage
Zoho Vault Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics OfferedForms of 2FAMore Features
Standard: $0.9/user/month billed annually
Professional: $4.5/user/month billed annually
Enterprise: $7.2/user/month billed annually
AES256Two-Factor Authentication>Confirmation Codes to your device
>TOTP generator apps
>Free version
>Has password generator
>Device syncing
>More features at Zoho Vault


Passportal-MSP Logo

Best for Managed Service Providers


While we’ve been focusing on basic password managers for personal use, many providers also offer solutions for businesses and organizations. Passportal MSP is our pick as the best option for managed service providers (MSPs) due to its unique set of features that are tailored to this specific use case. For example, while Dashlane supports automatic password changes for individuals, Passportal MSP makes it easy to instantly update credentials for an entire group of clients. The platform also streamlines the process of monitoring new passwords and setting up role-based permissions.

Passportal MSP is built for teams rather than individuals, so the price depends on the scale of your workflow. While there isn’t an advertised free trial, you can contact the sales team to schedule a demo and get a better idea of how the platform works. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to find any more information about pricing, so you will need to talk to their staff directly for further details.

When reading through user reviews, we found that positive feedback consistently focused on a few key elements: browser compatibility, user management, and automation. Meanwhile, some users were disappointed by the platform’s lack of thorough integrations — for example, there is currently no native connection for Passportal MSP to G Suite single sign-on (SSO). A few reviewers also had trouble getting their issues resolved through Passportal MSP customer support, which is a glaring problem for businesses that are accountable to clients.


  • Dedicated solution for managed service providers
  • Automatically change passwords and restore old versions


  • Not built for personal use
Passportal MSP Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics OfferedForms of 2FAMore Features
Custom QuoteAES256Two-Factor Authentication>Fingerprint ID (Biometric)
>Confirmation Codes to your device
>Free version
>Device syncing
>Has password generator
>More features at Passportal MSP


mSecure Logo

Honorable Mention

mSecure dashboard

Finally, mSecure is the last provider to make our list of the best password managers with two-factor authentication in 2023. While it didn’t quite stand out in any particular area, it’s still a great overall service with impressive functionality and value. You can store passwords as well as photos, PDFs, and other attachments, and you can secure your account using biometrics like touch and face ID. mSecure also comes with password sharing, a password generator, backup restores, and many other tools.

Pricing for mSecure subscriptions start at $1.66 per month billed annually, making it one of the cheaper platforms in 2023. However, you’ll need to upgrade to the Premium tier ($2.49 per month paid annually) for all of mSecure’s features. Some of the exclusive Premium tools include password sharing, custom tags, and support for other attachment types beyond images. New users get a full 30-day free trial of Premium after signing up.

Customers are generally happy with the performance of mSecure, but we noticed that more negative reviews started to pop up after the release of mSecure 6 in early 2022. Even more concerning, many users reported that they were having trouble getting the support team to resolve their issues. For example, one reviewer said that they sent a message on March 27, 2022, and still hadn’t heard back on April 14, 2022.


  • Supports Apple Watch
  • Starts at just $1.66 per month paid annually


  • Customer service only available through support tickets
  • Some concerning issues with the recent release of mSecure 6
mSecure Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption TypeBiometrics OfferedForms of 2FAMore Features
Essentials: $1.99/month
Premium: $2.99/month
AES256Two-Factor Authentication>PIN
>Free version
>Has password generator
>Device syncing
>More features at mSecure


How We Chose the Best Password Managers With Two-Factor Authentication

Password managers are all about keeping your information secure, but the truth is that some password managers are safer than others. In 2023, an account that’s only protected by a username and password isn’t as secure as you might think.

Two-factor authentication is a crucial security measure that makes accounts much more secure than they would be with login credentials alone. We made this list of the top providers with two-factor authentication for our most security-conscious users. These were the four main criteria we used to identify the ten best options in 2023.

Two-factor Authentication Tools

Naturally, two-factor authentication was the most important factor in our evaluation. While every password manager on this list supports some form of two-factor authentication, some platforms are compatible with a much broader selection of two-factor authentication methods.

LogMeOnce was our selection as the provider with the best two-factor authentication due to its support for many different tools. Along with email, SMS, and authenticator apps, LogMeOnce also works with other options like USB tokens, X.509 certificates, and even selfies. However, you can still get solid 2FA support from many other leading password managers.

Other Features

Two-factor authentication support was the first thing we looked for, but we also wanted to compare password managers with respect to the other features they offer. This category is much broader — some of the most common password manager features include password generators, password health tools, cross-device syncing, offline storage, file storage, dark web monitoring, password sharing, and app compatibility.

App Compatibility

Even the most effective password manager won’t help you if it doesn’t support the devices you use. App compatibility covers the different clients that each provider offers on various devices, browsers, and operating systems.

Almost every password manager has a mobile app on iOS and Android, but reviews for these apps vary dramatically from one provider to another. Similarly, some services offer desktop apps for use on computers, while others are limited to browser extensions or access through a website. It’s important to find a password manager that aligns with your typical usage.


Finally, we had to take each provider’s pricing into account to provide a thorough comparison between different password managers. Some providers charge much more than others, and you shouldn’t spend that extra money unless you’re sure that the benefits are worth the cost.

Password Manager Basics