Pros & Cons of Password Boss

Solid features list that includes auto-filling, password sharing and multi-device syncing.Customer support could be stronger; detailed help center but only email as a means of actual personal contact.
Good security and encryption features, including dark web scans and a zero-knowledge protocol.Lacks automated password updates.
Supports data import from other major password managers.Some curious omissions in app compatibility.
Easy to install and use.
Unlimited passwords and unlimited devices at Premium tier.

Key Features of Password Boss

We evaluated Password Boss according to the five most important features of a password manager: the reliability of the security and encryption that’s a password manager’s core mission; the presence of the kind of broad app compatibility that will allow it to work on all your devices; ease of use that makes it simple to install and run the software without having to be an IT expert; secure and well-managed password sharing for added convenience; and price that delivers good value for money. Below is a breakdown of what Password Boss delivers in each of these areas.

Security & Encryption

Password Boss sports several key security features that are necessities in a modern password management solution. Its AES-256 encryption — combined with PBKDF2 key derivation — matches the leading industry standard and makes it extremely difficult for hostile actors to break into your system and decipher your master password. The company employs a zero-knowledge security model, again in keeping with the industry standard. This means that the company doesn’t store information about your master password on their servers; it’s stored locally on your device instead.

Password Boss incorporates a range of other useful security features. Its Dark Web Scan searches the dark web for logins in a user’s vault and notifies them about breaches, and it has a Secure Browser for online banking and transactions. It also sports two-factor authentication, cloud-based backups and storage, end-to-end encryption on data transfers, a top-of-the-line emergency recovery feature and a remote delete function that removes all Password-Boss-related data from any device you might have lost. None of these features are unique to the software, but they’re all competently executed, and together, they make for reliable protection.

App Compatibility

password boss review App Compatibility 2

Password Boss works with most major browsers and operating systems, but there are a few holes in its compatibility. Curiously, it doesn’t yet support password imports from Safari, and it doesn’t have a desktop version compatible with Linux systems. That said, it should work on most devices where it’s needed, and its mobile apps are reportedly just as easy to use as its desktop versions. Password Boss Premium also offers unlimited password storage and unlimited device support: a boon for business teams looking to implement this software.

PlatformPassword Boss
Chrome, ChromeOSYes
Internet ExplorerYes
Windows PCYes

Ease of Use

password boss Ease of Use 2

Overall, Password Boss gets high marks for user-friendliness. It’s simple to install and has an easy-to-understand user interface similar in principle to 1Password‘s, with most of its features clearly shown on the left side of the display and easy to access. It provides a clear tutorial on its first installation and opening and contains specialized forms for passwords, secure notes and identities and a digital wallet for tracking financials. Its password generator provides users with fine-grained control of the composition of its output, allowing users to set the number of characters and the frequency of various kinds of characters in the passwords created. Its autofill feature is simple and intuitive, prompting the saving of user information and the generation of new secure passwords when logging into a new space.

The “security dashboard” provides a clear and easy-to-parse analysis of user passwords — flagging which ones are strong, which are weak, where elements of repetition are occurring and where passwords have been compromised — along with a grade-style “security score.” Passwords can be organized and displayed by custom tags, and there’s no difference in format or functionality between the mobile app and desktop versions of the software.

Password Sharing

One of the features that differentiate an advanced password manager from the more bare-bones competition is secure password sharing — a lifesaver on those occasions when people need to share an account. It’s a feature that Password Boss implements with grace and efficiency, providing the means to share passwords and other saved items, up to and including entire folders, safely. The software’s Sharing Center lets users share items with specified recipients at different access levels, ranging from read-only access levels (with the password either visible or occluded) up to full editing access for the item. Sharing can be deactivated at any time or set to expire automatically at a specific date and time, and the system provides notifications within Password Boss for offered and accepted shares, backed up by email links for non-users. On the whole, Password Boss’ sharing features are a high-quality part of an already feature-rich package.


password boss review Price

Password Boss’ extensive list of features comes in surprisingly inexpensive packages, with Premium — the most basic layer of paid service — offering the full list of features already discussed above, with the Families package bundling those features together for five users. The business service tiers offer added functionality, including user and group management, team-based sharing, audit logs, event tracking, reports and the ability to standardize security policies on a network. Reliable execution of its extensive feature set makes this password manager an excellent value-for-money choice.

PlanPassword Boss
Free Trial30-day free trial (includes testing of Premium features)
(Personal) Premium$2.50 per user / month
(Personal) Families$4.00 per month (5 users)
(Business) Standard$3.00 per user / month
(Business) Advanced$4.00 per user / month (starting at 5 users)

How Password Boss Works

password boss How Password Boss Works

Here, we break down Password Boss’ approach to basic elements of password management and summarize some of the more advanced features discussed above.

FunctionalityHow It Works
Setting up the vaultImport feature from browsers and other password managers; accounts added as you log in
Logging into accountsLogin information filled in on page load; select account from a list
Creating passwordsPassword generator accessible when creating passwords
Changing passwordsUse password generator when on change password screen
Sharing loginsAll plans can share with individual users outside your team; multi-user plans have robust shared item and folder features with multiple levels of access and the ability to schedule when item shares end
Recovering accountEmergency key with one-time unlock code, fine-tuned emergency access for select recipients after a waiting period
Advanced security featuresTwo-factor authentication, dark web scan, emergency access, secure sharing, remote delete, secure browser

What Customers Are Saying

Despite the shortcomings of its customer support system, Password Boss generally gets positive reviews from customers. As one customer notes, “We travel between different offices as well as working mobile, and wherever we go our team always has the latest passwords sync’d to their computers and phones. The interface is easy to use, and easy to find passwords.” Another says, “It is user friendly and easy to navigate. It’s an awesome tool to have in our organization as we’re able to share accounts and passwords for various applications. The option to store secure notes is a huge plus!”

Bottom Line

Password Boss is a solid contender in the password management market, delivering a stable and reliable suite of advanced features at an affordable price point. Particularly notable for its high-quality secure sharing, multi-device support and syncing and powerful security features including dark web scanning, it doesn’t deliver anything unique as compared with other managers, but everything it does, it does well. Its most notable drawback is that customer support is only accessible by email in the event of any problems or glitches, but that said, it offers excellent overall value for both home and business users.