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Best Password Managers for Seniors Reviews


Best Overall


The right password manager for you depends on what you’re looking for, but LastPass was still an easy choice for us as the top overall provider in [new_year]. It’s easy to use, comes with a decent (albeit limited) free option, and starts at $3 per month paid annually for a full-service subscription with a deep toolkit. While you might find that another provider suits your needs better, LastPass is a great place to start looking for a new password manager.

While the free LastPass tier is OK for what it is, most users find it worth upgrading to the premium plan. At $3 per month paid annually, this subscription comes with all free features plus some crucial extra tools like unlimited device access, dark web monitoring, emergency access, priority support, and 1 GB of encrypted file storage. The price of LastPass is a little higher than what we’ve seen from other password managers, but that’s largely offset by its exceptionally strong functionality.

LastPass also has very positive reviews from real users, with many reviewers commenting on its password sharing tools. Complaints generally center on relatively minor issues, such as inconsistent autofill, the limitations of the free plan, and the somewhat basic interface. However, feedback is much more negative when you look at the Android app — the average score of 3.5 out of 5 is one of the lowest of any password manager we’ve covered. Android users may be better off with one of the best Android password managers of 2023.


  • Comprehensive features including two-factor authentication (2FA) and dark web monitoring
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Premium subscriptions come with 1 GB of encrypted file storage


  • Poor Android reviews
LastPass Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
Premium: $3.00/month billed annually
Families: $4.00/month billed annually
AES256Unlimited1 GB per person>Free Version
>Has Family Plan
>Can Add Emergency Contacts
>More features at LastPass



Best Customer Support

1Password Dashboard

No matter what a password manager does to improve ease of use, the truth is that staying on top of your passwords is complicated but necessary. Since every password manager comes with at least some learning curve, customer support is crucial when it comes to understanding how an application works. 1Password offers outstanding service through support articles, an active community forum, and 24/7 one-on-one troubleshooting. It was an easy pick for us as the password manager for seniors with the best customer support in [new_year].

If you’re new to 1Password, you can test out the platform for up to 14 days at no charge. From there, subscriptions cost $2.99 per month paid annually for individuals and $4.99 per month paid annually for families and groups of up to five people. One great feature of 1Password is that you can restore old versions of your entries quickly if you make any changes accidentally. For example, if you realize that a password is no longer working, you can see when the last change was made and revert to the way it was before that change.

1Password has solid user reviews — not quite as strong as some of its top competitors, but still positive enough to give us confidence in the product. As mentioned earlier, the strong praise for its customer support was one of the main reasons we named it one of the top providers. Users who leave mixed or negative reviews typically have one of two main complaints: 1Password’s high prices — about $36 per year — and its inconsistent application of autofill to different websites and apps.


  • 24/7 support with helpful resource articles
  • Restore earlier versions of your passwords
  • 14-day free trial


  • Poor Android feedback
1Password Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
Individual: $2.99/month billed annually
Family: $4.99/ family of 5/month billed annually
AES-GCM-256Unlimited1GB of file storage per user>Can Add Emergency Contacts
>Has Family Plan
>Device Syncing
>More features at 1Password



Best for Changing Passwords

Dashlane's dashboard

Changing passwords is one of the most tedious and complicated aspects of cybersecurity, especially since many experts recommend changing your passwords every few months. In most cases, you’ll have to enter your username or email address, receive a verification email, then enter your old password and the new one. On top of that, you’ll have to remember to use the new password and get rid of the old one. Dashlane makes this easier than ever with a password changer that can adjust your login credentials without making you go to the provider’s website at all. This is a unique feature that makes Dashlane a standout option for anyone who wants to avoid the process of repeatedly changing passwords.

Dashlane offers a free plan, but this option is missing the password changer and is limited to a total of 50 passwords. Paid subscriptions are on the pricey end at $6.49 per month or $4.99 per month paid annually, but Dashlane justifies that cost with some extra features that most competitors don’t offer. As a premium subscriber, you’ll get dark web monitoring for up to five email addresses, plus a secure virtual private network (VPN) to protect your internet activity. Bundling these tools into one subscription is a great way for seniors to take more control over their cybersecurity.

Dashlane is a well-known password manager with lots of positive reviews, including strong feedback for both the personal and business solutions. Most users like the Dashlane interface, and they also appreciate its support for different data points, such as credit and debit cards. Meanwhile, one of the most common criticisms we found is that the customer support team isn’t sufficiently responsive to user questions and concerns.


  • Automatic password changer tool
  • Also includes a secure VPN and dark web monitoring


  • Starts at $4.99 per month paid annually for premium plans
Dashlane Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
Individual: $3.99/month
Family: $5.99/month
AES256Unlimited1 GB per person>Has Family Plan
>Password generator
>Form Filling
>More features at Dashlane


RoboForm Logo

Honorable Mention

Roboform website

RoboForm is another password manager tool that can take complete control of your passwords. Along with basic functionality, RoboForm also offers some less common tools like offline access, 24/7 customer service, and support for data other than passwords. It also stands out with respect to app compatibility — RoboForm is currently available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Chromebooks plus iOS, Android, and three different web browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

While RoboForm appears to be relatively cheap, we noticed a strange trend in its pricing. You could get one year for just $13.48 (about $1.12 per month), but a three-year subscription would cost you $54.04 (about $1.50 per month). It doesn’t make sense to pay more money and also make a longer commitment, and this isn’t clearly explained anywhere on the RoboForm site. It’s also unclear whether these rates are consistent or whether they go up after renewal.

RoboForm has received mostly positive reviews, but there appear to be some issues with its autofill functionality. Many users mentioned that RoboForm would enter passwords on the wrong sites automatically while also failing to enter those passwords on the correct sites. It’s virtually impossible to eliminate inconsistencies with autofill regardless of the password manager you use, but this is still a concerning issue. One positive trend was that almost every user who talked with customer support ended up having a good experience.


  • Starts at slightly more than $1 per month
  • Responsive customer support
  • Outstanding app compatibility


  • Confusing pricing
RoboForm Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
Custom QuoteAES2561 deviceNot provided>Can Add Emergency Contacts
>Has Family Plan
>Has password generator
>More features at RoboForm



Cheapest Paid Option

Bitwarden's dashboard

Bitwarden is a powerful password manager that offers both free and paid plans. While the free plan comes with enough tools for many users, Bitwarden was more notable to us for the extreme value of its premium subscription. At $10 per year — less than $1 per month — Bitwarden provides everything most people need from a secure password manager. You’ll get 1 GB of file storage, priority tech support, configurable emergency access, and support for many different 2FA methods, such as YubiKey and FIDO2. It’s hard to find another provider that offers as much functionality for the same cost.

Furthermore, Bitwarden facilitates secure sharing of images and other files as well as text. While free users can only share text files, paying members have much more flexibility. The Bitwarden Send tool gives you full control over sharing permissions. For example, you can set an expiration date, a limit on the number of access attempts, or a password that recipients need to enter to open the entry.

Bitwarden’s outstanding reliability and value for cost are confirmed by its great performance in user reviews. Even users who don’t have as much technical experience usually are satisfied once they overcome the initial learning curve. Bitwarden does have some strange idiosyncrasies — for example, the Send tool requires you to input text manually rather than sharing passwords directly. But you shouldn’t have any trouble with the application after getting started and reading through some of the setup guides.


  • Less than $1 per month paid annually
  • Exceptional user reviews
  • Open-source software


  • Learning curve can be tricky
Bitwarden Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
$1.00/month billed annuallyAES256UnlimitedUnlimited>Free Version
>Has Family Plan
>Can Add Emergency Contacts
>More features at Bitwarden



Honorable Mention

NordPass Dashboard

NordPass is a popular password manager from the team behind other solutions like NordVPN and NordLocker. Even though we weren’t able to name it the “best” at any particular thing, it’s still a great all-around choice that should work well for most users. NordPass is compatible with virtually every platform, and it comes with all the features you would expect from a password manager including cross-device syncing, password sharing, emergency access, a password generator, and a password health tool.

Free NordPass users can save an unlimited number of passwords, but they can only sign in one device at a time. The Premium tier introduces persistent logins, dark web monitoring, and other advanced tools. The base rate for Premium subscriptions is $4.99 per month, but that drops to $2.99 per month if you pay annually or $2.49 per month if you pay every two years. You’ll get a 30-day trial of Premium after creating your account, and you can also get a full refund within 30 days.

One reason why we weren’t able to put NordPass higher is its unimpressive performance in user reviews. With an average score of less than 4 out of 5 on both iOS and Android, NordPass is far behind industry leaders like Keeper and Bitwarden. Many users are unhappy with the value proposition of NordPass compared to these and other alternatives. For example, NordPass charges significantly more than Bitwarden and requires a longer commitment for the lowest rate, but it doesn’t offer any killer features to justify that added cost.


  • Audited by an independent security firm
  • Impressive app compatibility
  • Sleek design


  • Mediocre user reviews
NordPass Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
Premium: $2.49/month
Family: $4.99/month
XChaCha20 encryption algorithm6 deviceNot provided>Free version
>Has Family Plan
>Can Add Emergency Contacts
>More features at NordPass



Best Long-term Deal


Earlier, we said that Bitwarden has the cheapest paid plan of any password manager for seniors in [new_year]. While that’s technically true, Enpass offers a lifetime license that’s hard to compare directly with monthly or annual plans. For just $79.99 — currently discounted to $59.99 — you can get Enpass forever without having to worry about making any additional payments. At $79.99, you would break even compared to Bitwarden after a total of eight years. Over the long run, Enpass is likely to end up being a better deal.

Of course, you don’t have to make a lifetime commitment to use Enpass. Conventional premium subscriptions cost $2.67 per month billed every six months or $2 per month billed every year. There’s no free plan, but you’ll get a significant discount for your first subscription until you renew. Enpass also offers a convenient integration that allows users to sync their data with other platforms, such as Google Drive and Dropbox.

Most customers are happy with their experiences with Enpass, and we noticed that the platform has generated lots of positive feedback with respect to ease of use. While some reviewers find the interface boring, they generally agree that it makes it easy to use the application. Enpass’ integrations are a particularly popular feature since they make it easy to use Enpass within your existing workflow.


  • Integrates with cloud storage platforms
  • Usually $79.99 for a lifetime license (currently $59.99)
  • Compatible with smartwatches


  • Limited support for password sharing
EnPass Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
Individual: $2.00/month billed annually
Family: $3/month
One time payment: $79.99/month
AES256UnlimitedNot provided>Can Add Emergency Contacts
>Has Family Plan
>Form Filling
>More features at EnPass



Highest Storage Limit

LogMeOnce Dashboard

If you want a password manager strictly to store passwords, you don’t need to worry about your provider’s storage limit. Meanwhile, many users are also looking for a secure way to store images, videos, and other types of files. Most password managers offer a small amount of storage (if any), and LogMeOnce stands out from the competition with the highest storage limit of any provider on this list. The Ultimate tier comes with a full 10 GB of encrypted storage. While image file sizes vary, 10 GB should at least be enough to store hundreds of images.

The 10 GB option is limited to the Ultimate plan, which runs $3.25 per month paid annually. Ultimate users also get unique 2FA methods, unlimited sharing, antitheft protection, and some other extra features. At $2.50 per month paid annually, the Professional tier is missing those tools, but it still comes with the core set of password management features. The free option is far more limited with just five shared passwords, 1 MB of file storage, no emergency access, and 2FA restricted to email and Google Authenticator.

Like many other password managers, LogMeOnce struggles with negative reviews on Android. Its average score of 2.3 out of 5 is low enough for us to recommend choosing another option if you’re an Android user. Reviewers on other platforms have much better things to say about LogMeOnce. The platform’s passwordless login tool is extremely popular, enabling users to log into their accounts by taking a photo instead of entering a password.


  • 10 GB of encrypted storage with an Ultimate plan
  • Supports passwordless login
  • Compatible with many different 2FA tools


  • Only available through an annual subscription
  • Extremely negative Android reviews
LogMeOnce Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
$2.50/monthAES256 and SHA-512Unlimited10 GB>Free version
>Has Family Plan
>Can Add Emergency Contacts
>More features at LogMeOnce



Best Free Option

KeePassXC Dashboard

Naturally, you’ll be able to get a more powerful password manager if you’re willing to spend a little money. However, there are still some decent options that allow users to manage their passwords at no charge. Along with Bitwarden, KeePassXC is another great choice if you’re looking for a free password manager. There’s no paid version of KeePassXC at all, so you won’t be missing out on any advanced features. KeePassXC is a popular client built on the base KeePass open-source password manager.

KeePassXC comes with everything most users are looking for: password generator, flexible 2FA, password restoration, and integrations with most major browsers. While KeePassXC doesn’t provide a native share tool like Bitwarden Send, you can still sync your vault across devices through a third-party cloud provider like Google Drive or Dropbox. This is easy enough to do once you get the hang of it, but it still makes the learning curve more difficult than it could be.

While it’s difficult to find verified user reviews for KeePassXC, the underlying KeePass service has led to many successful offshoots. KeePassDX, for example, is a mobile app with great reviews that also relies on KeePass. Fortunately, KeePassXC is entirely free to use, so you can test it out yourself without having to worry about committing any money to the wrong service.


  • Totally free and open-source
  • View and restore past versions of your entries
  • Compatible with macOS, Windows, Linux, and most major browsers


  • Password sharing can be complicated
  • No mobile app
KeePassXC Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
FreeAES256UnlimitedUnlimited>Has Family Plan
>Free version
>Has password generator
>More features at KeePassXC



Most Charitable

Sticky Password for windows

You probably aren’t thinking about supporting charitable causes when looking for a new password manager, but what if you could do both at the same time? While you can use Sticky Password for free, you may want to upgrade to get the full set of features. Proceeds from every sale go toward Save the Manatee Club, an organization that works to preserve the manatee population for future generations. Of course, Sticky Password still offers impressive features, so you don’t have to sacrifice functionality to support a good cause.

The main drawback of Sticky Password’s free tier is its lack of support for syncing passwords across devices. At $29.99 per year, premium subscriptions add that feature along with cloud backups, password sharing, emergency access, and priority support. You can also get a premium account for a one-time payment of $199.99 if you want to avoid a recurring subscription fee. While that rate is fairly steep, one reviewer mentioned that lifetime licenses occasionally go on sale for as little as $50.

Sticky Password has solid user reviews that put it in close competition with the leading password managers of [new_year]. As with most other password managers, positive feedback is focused on the platform’s ease of use and reliability. We also found that Sticky Password replies to both positive and negative reviews directly to thank the reviewer and follow up on any issues.


  • Some proceeds go to Save the Manatee Club
  • Positive user reviews


  • No dark web monitoring
Sticky Password Manager Features
PriceEncryption Type# of DevicesAmount of StorageMore Features
$29.99 for 1 yearAES256UnlimitedUnlimited>Has Family Plan
>Can Add Emergency Contacts
>Free Version
>More features at Sticky Password


How We Chose the Best Password Managers for Seniors

While every senior’s needs are different, our goal was to find the password managers that are the most secure, the easiest to set up, and that offer the best customer support to help with questions and technical issues.

With that in mind, these four factors were at the center of our evaluations. Of course, you’ll have to consider your own unique priorities to identify the best option for you.

Ease of Use

Password managers are all about making it easier to keep track of your passwords, and that’s the first thing we looked at when considering each provider. Unusual design choices, technical problems, and hang ups during the account creation process could hurt a platform’s overall ease of use.


Security is always an important criterion when searching for a new password manager. However, it’s particularly important for seniors who may have more trouble preventing or responding to common cybersecurity threats.

Encryption is the first step toward keeping your passwords secure, but all major password managers are encrypted in [new_year]. In addition to the different encryption methods used by different providers, we also considered 2FA and other tools to get a better idea of the security profile of each platform.

Customer Support

If you’re creating an account for a new password manager, chances are you’ll end up with questions at some point during signup. From creating an account and opening a subscription to importing your existing passwords and sharing them with other users, it’s easy to get confused by many different elements of a typical password manager.

When you have questions, you shouldn’t have to wait hours (or days) to get an answer. The best providers offer thorough support resources and are ready to help around the clock. 1Password was our choice as the platform with the best customer service, but there are many other solid options as well.


Finally, you can’t compare two password managers without looking at how much they cost. The more expensive a service is, the more it needs to offer to justify that cost. Unfortunately, higher password manager prices don’t always lead to better service.

Password Manager Basics

How Do Password Managers Work?

Password managers offer a secure way to store your passwords so that you can remember them without putting your accounts at risk. It’s important to use a strong, unique password for each online account, but this makes it difficult to keep your login credentials straight without a password manager.

Your password manager account is typically secured by a single master password — as long as you remember that one password, you’ll have access to the rest of your passwords for every other account. Most password managers streamline the process of logging in by automatically entering the right password when you visit a website.

Are Password Managers Safe?

While the specific functionality is different with each unique provider, you can trust every password manager on this list to keep your information safe. Password managers protect your data with encryption so that it can’t be accessed by any unauthorized users.

The best way to keep your password manager account secure is to use a strong master password that’s different from any of the other passwords you use. If your master password is the same as your password for another website, someone could use that other password to access all the information in your password manager account.

You should also enable 2FA to reduce the risk of an account breach. 2FA makes accounts more secure by requiring approval for each new login attempt. Since you’ll have to authorize access through your own device, unauthorized users won’t be able to log in — even if they have your username/email address and your master password.