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Pros & Cons of Sticky Password

Freedom to choose how your data is shared across devicesNo digital inheritance option available
Military-grade encryption using AES-256Slower than some rivals
Great value for moneyNo small business plan
Biometric authentication using fingerprint scanning on supported devicesNo audit reports or password breach checks
Local Wi-Fi Sync means that when activated, data never leaves your devicesOld-fashioned design that may not appeal to some users

Key Features of Sticky Password

We looked at the five most important features of any password manager, including: security and encryption, app compatibility, usability, password sharing and price. Below is a breakdown of Sticky Password’s key features.

Security & Encryption

Sticky Password Security & Encryption

Sticky Password has all the security you expect from a password manager. It uses AES-256 encryption, which is the same encryption as the US military, meaning even Sticky Password can’t crack their users’ codes. Two-factor authentication is also an option, adding another layer of security. When it’s activated, users must enter their master password as well as a security code that is uniquely generated to ensure only the customer can use the password details. Only the customer has access to the master password, as it is not saved on any Sticky Password servers or user’s devices, so even if Sticky Password was compromised, hackers can’t access a user’s database.

Where Sticky Password stands out is the control they offer customers. Most password managers store customer details either in the cloud or offline on the user’s hard drive. Sticky Password offers a multitude of options, so users can choose whether to store their passwords in the cloud, on a hard drive or on a USB stick, depending on their needs and comfort level. USB stick storage also means users can have a portable edition of the program that includes all their passwords and can be used on different computers.

App Compatibility

sticky password App Compatibility

People using both Windows and Mac operating systems can use Sticky Password. The manager is also compatible with Android 5.0 or higher and iOS 9.x or higher, for people with Apple devices. There are currently 16 browsers it can be used with, from the common Chrome, Safari and Firefox to lesser known browsers like Seamonkey, Comodo Dragon, and Pale Moon.

Passwords, credentials and logins can be synced across all devices so they can be accessed at any time, and the sync options allow users to decide how their data will be shared. Sticky Password’s stand-out syncing feature is local Wi-Fi sync. With this option, data is only synced using local Wi-Fi networks, so the data never leave the user’s devices. People looking for even more security can do a manual offline sync, and those looking for fast and versatile syncing can still choose the cloud option.

There is secure cloud back-up of passwords on Sticky Password’s secure browsers, but customers can choose whether to use this or not. It does store time-stamped versions of the database and let people access data from multiple devices, but those looking for extra security can opt-out of the service.

Sticky Password App Compatibility
Windows PCYes
Internet ExplorerYes
OtherChromium, Seamonkey, Yandex, Comodo Dragon, Pale Moon, internal StickyBrowser on iOS and Android devices

Usability & Ease of Use

Sticky Password’s interface does have a blocky, old-school feel, but that doesn’t make it difficult to use. The onboarding process is very simple, with screens prompting users to do everything required to set up an account, choose a master password and install the program onto the computer. It even detects the browsers commonly used and imports any stored passwords into the Sticky Password database.

Once installed, the program can take care of all password needs. It generates unique, very strong passwords for different accounts and can also identify weak, old and reused passwords and prompt users to change them. New password generation is available on both desktop and mobile devices, and fingerprint scanning can verify identity on compatible devices.

To make online life easier, the program has automatic form filling. Users can set up multiple identities, such as work and personal, and choose which information should be used on the form. The digital wallet keeps credit card details safe, while also allowing users to pay for online shopping with just one click. The program can also save passwords for desktop apps, such as Skype or iTunes.

On the down side, some features can be difficult to find on the desktop interface and the lack of a digital inheritance feature means that accounts may be lost if the user is incapacitated for some reason.

Password Sharing

sticky password Password Sharing

As with many of its other features, Sticky Password emphasizes flexibility in its password sharing options. Access can be given to others in the family, team or company, and the user can set different permissions for different people. Limited access allows someone to use the password but not edit it while unlimited access gives them the ability to edit and revoke access. Access to passwords is easily sent via email, and the person receiving access only needs the free version of Sticky Password to be able to use the login.

In addition, this permission can easily be edited or removed when a team member leaves the company or no longer needs access to a certain system. Password sharing through Sticky Password ensures that any password shared remains secure and is not forwarded to someone else. It also means that users can share login credentials without the other person knowing what those credentials are, as Sticky Password fills in the fields.


sticky password Price

Sticky Password’s free option is free forever and has most of the features an individual would look for in a password manager. This includes unlimited password and data storage, password generator, secure notes, digital wallet and the ability to be used on all of a person’s devices and browsers, although it won’t sync.

People looking for more advanced features need to pay $29.99 per year for the premium package. Premium allows users to share passwords, use cloud and local Wi-Fi syncing across devices and get access to cloud backup. In addition, premium users help support Sticky Password’s donations to help save endangered manatees. The price is good value when compared to many other programs on the market.

However, Sticky Password only has a free and premium option. Where other companies offer family or team plans with as many as six users for a discounted rate, Sticky Password customers must pay $29.99 for each user. This may still end up being affordable, depending on the size of the team, but some families and businesses may find other options offer better value.

Sticky Passwords does have an academic price, which has all the premium features and is available to students and teachers for $12.95 a year.

Sticky Password Plans & Pricing
IndividualFree basic; $29.99 per year premium
FamilyFree basic; $29.99 per user, per year, premium
TeamsFree basic; $29.99 per user, per year, premium
BusinessFree basic; $29.99 per user, per year, premium
AcademicFree basic; $12.95 per user, per year

How Yubico Works

FunctionalityHow It Works
Setting up the vaultImports passwords from browsers and other password managers; browser plug-in saves details on login; credentials can be manually added
Logging into accountsAutomatically fills in information on page load; select account from a list
Creating passwordsPassword generator option appears when creating passwords
Changing passwordsPassword generator option appears on the change password screen
Sharing loginsThrough the Sharing Center tab; specify permissions for each password and multiple passwords can be shared with multiple people at a time; passwords are sent to other users via email
Recovering accountSticky Password doesn’t save master passwords on its servers, so there’s no ability to recover an account if the master password is lost
Advanced security featuresTwo-factor authentication; biometric authentication; local Wi-Fi sync; offline storage on hard-drive or USB.

What Customers Are Saying

Users choose Sticky Password for the exceptional security the company provides. One happy customer states that he chose the program because of the option to not store data on the cloud, saying, “Nobody is getting my passwords unless they hack my computer with a good key logger or they personally take it from me. They are not going to get it from Sticky.” Reviewers also mention that the product makes life easier, with one stating, “Sticky Password saves me a lot of time and trouble logging into various accounts and web pages.”

Bottom Line

Sticky Password is a great choice for people looking for a password manager that offers great value for money and does all the basics exceptionally well. It has plenty of options that let users choose where their data is stored and how it’s shared, so it caters for the comfort level of most users. However, those looking for extra features, such as audit reports and password breach checks on the dark web need to look at other options.