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A good password manager offers extensive features, security, and good ease of use. The Password Manager rates and reviews password manager tools using extensive hands-on testing from experts, research, and user sentiment to determine product quality.

You can trust PasswordManager.com to share what’s good about password managers, along with where these tools fall short. You can use The Password Manager’s reviews and guides to find a reliable password manager that can be a helpful tool for your digital security.

How The Password Manager Reviews Tools

Our industry experts evaluate each password manager based on the following factors:

  • Value: How does the cost compare to the available features?
  • Portability: Does the password manager work on popular platforms?
  • Ease of use: Is it easy to use the password manager and contact support if you need it?
  • Security: Does the password manager have a history of data breaches or other security concerns? Does it offer additional security through password breach scans?

The Password Manager ratings scale

We use a scale of 1 to 5 to rate products, with 1 considered the worst and 5 the best:

(1.0)Objectively bad or incorrect, can be verified “poor”

  • Does not offer a good value
  • Little to no features
  • Extremely limited platform compatibility
  • Nearly unusable UX
  • Form filling errors or not available
  • Little to no security features, known breaches
  • No 2FA available
(2.0)Subjectively bad, may be objectively bad in some areas but not all, “fair”

  • Minimal value
  • Limited features
  • Limited platform compatibility
  • Difficult UX
  • Form filling errors or not available
  • Minimal security features, known breaches
  • No 2FA available
(3.0)Mostly neutral, not bad, but didn’t meet expectations, “average”

  • Few features for the price
  • Doesn’t work with most major systems or browsers
  • Buggy or difficult to navigate, doesn’t function well across mobile and desktop
  • Form filling buggy or not available
  • Offers encryption, but has known breaches, no additional security features such as password breach scans
  • 2FA available
(4.0)Meets-to-exceeds expectations, “good”

  • Moderate features for a moderate price
  • Works with most major systems or browsers
  • Mostly easy to use on both mobile and desktop
  • Form filling works and pops up easily
  • Offers industry-standard security such as 256-bit AES encryption, limited additional features only available at higher paid tiers
  • Extensive 2FA methods including text or authenticator apps
(5.0)Exceeds expectations consistently, “excellent”

  • Many features for a fair price
  • Works with all major systems or browsers
  • Intuitive, easy to use and navigate on both mobile and desktop
  • Form filling works and offers additional features such as automatic password saving and editing for form filling options
  • Offers exceptional security including XChaCha20 encryption, zero-kowledge security, additional security features such as password breach scans
  • Biometric 2FA, physical security key, or other advanced 2FA available

User sentiment

While our experts perform extensive hands-on testing, it’s unfair to base product recommendations entirely on our experience. In addition to testing, PasswordManager.com uses user ratings, reviews, and direct feedback from readers to rate products.

  • User ratings and reviews: When selecting software, it’s unwise to rely too heavily on user reviews and star ratings, as both can be manipulated, outdated, or otherwise inaccurate. We look at star ratings and user reviews on third-party websites to determine which products and aspects may or may not deserve a closer look.