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  • Multifactor authentication and client-side encryption
  • Doesn’t require a username or password — biometric capabilities
  • There’s no need to enter an email address or personal details
  • Simple, user-friendly design
  • Cloud-based so it works with all devices


  • Limited ability to import data
  • No prompts for duplicate or weak passwords
  • Doesn’t include web form filling
  • You need to create all logins manually
  • Generates 10-character passwords by default

Key Features of Wwpass Passhub

A password manager is essential for pretty much anybody these days. When your data, such as bank details, are stored within the websites you use, they’re vulnerable to cybercriminals. The best way to protect yourself against crime online is by having a secure password for each website.

There are lots of password managers out there, so we’ve focused on five criteria when analyzing the competency of each one. The features we think are most important are: security and encryption, app compatibility, usability, password sharing and price. Below is a breakdown of Wwpass Passhub’s key features.

Security and Encryption

wwpass passhub review Security and Encryption

Encryption and security are probably the areas where Wwpass Passhub excels. There’s no master password — something that arguably renders carefully crafting each login pointless. Instead, you use an app on your phone and a secure PIN that only you’re aware of. Once your passkey is set up, you can exchange the PIN for a biometric authenticator, such as facial recognition or a fingerprint. Because Wwpass takes privacy so seriously, they don’t even ask you for an email address.

Along with multi-factor authentication, Passhub uses asymmetric cryptography for end-to-end encryption. This means your encryption key is the only means of getting access to your data, with no other way to decrypt this data. Most services don’t offer this client-side encryption, so this service is ideal for people who are extra cautious.

App Compatibility

In many cases, password managers securely gather up your username and password details for each site and automatically fill them in for you on that device. With Passhub, you sacrifice the convenience that these platforms offer, but you benefit from ultra-sharp security measures. It’s a cloud-based app that you can securely access from anywhere with a PIN, and you use a button to copy your details over.

One of the obvious benefits of this is that you don’t need to worry about compatibility and location with Passhub; it’ll work on any device. Additionally, malefactors can steal form-fill data — so removing that risk is an extra way of getting peace of mind from your password management software. You will need an Android or iOS smartphone to go through the authentication process, but you can do that from anywhere.

PlatformWwpass Passhub
Chrome, ChromeOSYes
Internet ExplorerYes
Windows PCYes

Usability and Ease of Use

Wwpass Passhub is easy to use — but that doesn’t mean it’s convenient. It’s probably one of the most time-consuming setups of any password manager. However, if security and anonymity are your priorities, it’s definitely worth it. Although it’s fiddly, the user interface is clean and attractive, and it’s easy to get started and set up your pin.

The complicated bit is manually adding all of your passwords. However, once it’s one, you can easily organize and use the software with the nifty copy and paste buttons. If you’re looking for an ultra-slick password manager that.

Password Sharing

wwpass passhub review Password Sharing

With Wwpass Passhub, you store your data in safes. This helps you stay organized, with different folders for work and personal details. To share passwords, you create a new safe to share — the software generates a long number which represents your sharing code. You transmit your code to the recipient and wait for them to respond. The code expires after 48 hours, so you know your data isn’t compromised.

To accept, the receiver opens up the Passhub app and accepts the invitation; then, they paste the code in. You receive a notification and have to approve access, with an access level chosen by you. The read-only access level lets them edit items within the shared safe. Someone at the editor access level can view the specific items you’ve sent to them, including seeing that 48-hour password. Admin user access lets the recipient modify their own access and add and remove other users.


Wwpass Passhub Review Price

The price and subscription options available from Passhub are adaptable according to the needs of any individual or organization. However, it does start at the attractively low rate of just $2 per user, per month for a self-hosted business account or free for an individual. Consumers also have the option to pay $4 for the Premium subscription plan.

The free Basic account lets users store 100 records and 100 MB of data, and premium offers unlimited safes, unlimited sharing and 1GB of storage. It’s not the fanciest-looking software, and its priority is security over convenience or ease of use, but the value for money is good. The extra security with password sharing makes it particularly useful for businesses that need to share passwords and sensitive data between admins.

A self-hosted business account offers open-source software with an on-premise or in-cloud setup. The business Cloud account includes 500 MB of storage for unlimited users and secure access on any device. You can also choose a Tailored plan that’s configured to meet your company’s precise needs. All of the account levels, from Basic to Tailored, include client-side encryption.

PlanWwpass Passhub
Premium$4 per month
Self-Hosted$2 per user, per month
Cloud$100 per month
TailoredFlexible pricing

How Wwpass Passhub Works

wwpass passhub review How Wwpass Passhub Works

FunctionalityHow It Works
Setting up the vaultImport data from KeePass directly or convert files to .CSV to move from anywhere else, manually add accounts
Logging into accountsUse buttons to copy and paste usernames and passwords from the Passhub clipboard
Creating passwordsYou create passwords and Passhub stores them
Changing passwordsChange them manually in the app
Sharing loginsUltra-safe sharing code that expires after 48 hours
Recovering accountYour device can be backed up cryptographically for recovery
Advanced security featuresMultifactor authentication, no username, password or email address, cryptographic backup, AES-GCM 256 bits and RSA-OAEP encryption algorithm

What Customers Are Saying

Reviewers are complimentary about the security measures used by Passhub and say that the customer service is responsive and effective.

One four-star review says, “At first I didn’t understand how to use this password manager but support talked me through the process of entering my details. It’s inconvenient to copy and paste each login but ultimately worth it for the added security.” This pretty much sums up how a lot of users feel about Wwpass Passhub: it’s a long process but worthwhile because of the encryption and anonymity measures.

Another customer notes that “not entering an email address or any other details makes me feel extra secure that my data isn’t being stored by the company. Complete anonymity was what I wanted and Passhub delivered.”

Bottom Line

One of the aspects that is lacking from Wwpass Passhub is the lack of prompts for weak or duplicate passwords. This feature can be especially helpful for businesses that need to store lots of passwords and won’t automatically remember where there’s a duplicate. Although it can generate passwords for you, at 10-characters long, they’re just not quite long enough.

Multifactor authentication and client-side encryption and biometric capabilities make Passhub one of the most secure password managers out there. The fact that it’s cloud-based means you can access your data from any device at any location, provided you’ve got the PIN and access device.