Pros & Cons of iCloak Stik

Comes with 16 GB of storageMissing some basic features, such as password sharing
Operating system includes a text editor, browser, spreadsheet tool, and other appsQuestionable security claims
Includes a password generatorStarts at $100

Key Features of iCloak Stik

Security & Encryption

At first glance, it’s hard to think of a more secure way to save your passwords than storing them on an iCloak Stik. All of your data is located on the device itself — once you disconnect your iCloak Stik from a computer, your passwords are inaccessible on that device.

However, it’s important to take some of iCloak’s security-related claims with a grain of salt. For example, this quote is taken directly from its Kickstarter page:

“iCloak Stik is your superhero tool that turns any computer you use into a safe and trustworthy computer. … you can plug it into any machine (even the most unsafe and virus filled), reboot the machine and start browsing as if you took the time to build a custom computer built for security, privacy, and anonymity from scratch.”

In most cases, it’s true that you could plug an iCloak Stik into a computer and use the hardware without putting any of your information at risk. However, it’s irresponsible for iCloak Stik to claim that its device is secure on “even the most unsafe and virus-filled” computer.

For example, it’s unclear that an iCloak Stik can prevent your passwords from being intercepted through a hardware-based keylogger. Its team seems to be portraying iCloak Stik as a cure-all for any conceivable cybersecurity risk, but this isn’t the case. The iCloak Stik seems to be highly secure, but this doesn’t mean that it’s flawless or that it can ensure perfect security on any possible device.

iCloak Stik App Compatibility

The iCloak Stik is a physical device, so it works very differently from a typical password manager. Instead of downloading and installing an app on your existing operating system, the iCloak Stik plugs into a computer and boots its own separate operating system.

According to iCloak, the built-in password manager is meant to be launched either within the iCloak Stik operating system or on another device. However, the password manager doesn’t appear to be available anywhere else, so access currently seems to be limited to the physical iCloak Stik. Their team has mentioned the possibility of apps on other devices, but there’s no iCloak app for iOS, Android, or desktop computers.

iCloak Stik Password Manager App Compatibility
Internet ExplorerNo
Windows PCNo

Ease of Setup & Use

Every iCloak Stik comes with a built-in iCloak Ring password manager, so there’s minimal setup involved in getting started with iCloak Ring. You don’t have to install any additional software to start saving your passwords.


Still, the iCloak Stik relies on a basic interface that looks much more dated than most other password managers. As you can see above, the iCloak Stik design looks more like Windows XP than contemporary operating systems like macOS 12 or Windows 11.

Password Sharing

While you can access your own iCloak Ring vault even outside of the iCloak Stik, there’s currently no support for password sharing. The iCloak Stik is a solid choice for people who want to store passwords for themselves, but it’s less practical for those who want to be able to securely share their passwords with other users.

Customer Support

Aside from a basic frequently asked questions (FAQs) section  on the Kickstarter page, iCloak Stik doesn’t offer much in the way of product information or user guides. There are some discussions with the team on the Comments page, but we weren’t able to find any comments made since around 2016.

Therefore, it’s unclear whether the product continues to receive active support from the developers. One commenter mentioned that iCloak had a website at, but this was either incorrect or the website has been taken down since then.

iCloak Stik Plans & Pricing

The One Ring password manager is included with every iCloak Stik, and there’s currently no way to access the application without a physical iCloak Stik unless you also have iCloak Ring.

Fortunately, you have lifetime access to One Ring after buying an iCloak Stik. Over the long run, that makes this a surprisingly affordable option compared to password managers that continue to charge a monthly or annual fee for the rest of your life.

As a Kickstarter project, iCloak Stik offers different benefits to users who provide different levels of support. We also saw a listing for the device on Amazon, but it was inactive and didn’t display any estimated date when the product might be back in stock.

While you can get some basic benefits for a contribution of $5, $10, or $20, iCloak Stiks are only given to users who support the project with at least $35. There was once an early adopter special for $25, but this tier is no longer available.

The $50 tier comes with an iCloak Stik, and both $35 and $50 supporters get a set of five themed stickers. However, upgrading to a $50 donation gets you a T-shirt that isn’t available at the $35 tier. There’s also a $70 tier that essentially doubles everything that’s included for $35.

Crucially, the base version of the iCloak Stik doesn’t come with the One Ring Password Manager. While the basic iCloak Stik still comes with an operating system and browser, none of these options gives you access to the password manager itself.

For $100, you can upgrade the base iCloak Stik to an iCloak Stik Pro “Gold” Edition. The Pro version of the iCloak Stik comes with some extra features like office software, a private messaging tool, and a bitcoin wallet. This is the minimum price you have to pay if you want to use One Ring. There are many other tiers above $100 that come with additional features, and you can see more information about those on the iCloak Stik Kickstarter page.

Key iCloak Stik User Features

FunctionalityHow It Works
Setting Up the VaultSupports imports from three other password managers: Dashlane, LastPass, and KeePass
Logging Into AccountsNo autofill, but One Ring at least suggests passwords when you’re on a website with saved passwords
Creating PasswordsComes with a built-in password generator that you can use to create unique, secure passwords
Changing PasswordsNo automatic password changer; you have to change each password through the corresponding website
Sharing LoginsNo support for securely sharing passwords with other users
Recovering AccountAccounts are attached to the iCloak Stik, so you can’t lose your account as long as you have access to the device. However, there’s also no way to recover your account if you lose the iCloak Stik.
Advanced Security FeaturesPasswords are stored on the iCloak Stik itself, so there’s no risk of a server hack or of someone logging into your account from another device. However, there’s no support for two-factor authentication (2FA).

What Customers Are Saying

The iCloak Stik isn’t a conventional password manager, so it’s difficult to find many verified user reviews. For example, there are exactly two iCloak Stik reviews on Amazon — one 5-star review that says, “Ten stars at least,” and another 1-star review that says, “Couldn’t make it work no matter what I tried.”

iCloak Stik FAQs

What Is an iCloak Stik?

iCloak Stiks are small USB devices that can plug into a computer and boot up a secure operating system. Since they bypass the usual operating system, they don’t leave any trace on the device after being removed. The Pro version comes with a built-in password manager that you can use to keep track of your passwords whenever you’re using the iCloak Stik.