Pros & Cons of F-Secure ID Protection

30-day free trial with no credit card requiredPrices go up significantly when you renew
Offers desktop apps, browser extensions, and mobile appsNo Linux app and no browser access
Recover your account after forgetting the master password with a unique quick response (QR) codeNo support for password sharing or two-factor authentication (2FA)

Key Features of F-Secure ID Protection

Security & Encryption

Along with password management, identity theft prevention is another one of F-Secure ID Protection’s key selling points.

After entering your email address, the platform will monitor activity on the dark web automatically and let you know if any of your personal information is exposed. You can monitor the same number of email addresses as there are devices in your plan — either five addresses with a five-device subscription or 10 addresses with a 10-device subscription.

F-Secure ID Protection doesn’t offer a built-in feature, but it does provide the ability to link to third party sources like google authenticator.

F-Secure ID Protection App Compatibility

F-Secure is currently available for macOS, Windows, iOS, and Android. Unfortunately, there’s no support for Linux at this time, so Linux users will need to look for an application that offers a Linux app or at least access through an internet browser.

With respect to Windows, F-Secure is compatible with all recent releases: Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11. Similarly, the macOS app covers all of Apple’s releases going back to macOS 10.14. The Android app is available for iOS 6 and later while the iOS app supports iOS 13 and later.

F-Secure also offers extensions for major browsers, but these aren’t advertised clearly. Instead of carrying the F-Secure Key or F-Secure ID Protection brand, these extensions are simply listed as “Password Manager by F-Secure.” While it’s difficult to find information on the F-Secure website, we were able to identify extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

The lack of website access is a particularly big issue for Linux users since they don’t have any way to access F-Secure ID Protection at all. However, this could also be a problem for macOS and Windows users who want to be able to access their accounts on new or shared devices.

For example, let’s say you want to log into one of your accounts on a friend’s computer or a public computer at the library. In that case, you would need to download and install the F-Secure ID Protection app on that device, even just for one-time use. This makes F-Secure much less flexible compared to providers that offer both apps and browser access.

F-Secure Password Manager App Compatibility

F-Secure ID Protection App Compatibility

Internet ExplorerNo
Windows PCYes

Ease of Setup & Use

To get started with F-Secure, go to the website and click “Try for Free.” You’ll need to enter your name, email address, and desired password to create your new account. From there, you can download the corresponding F-Secure ID Protection app. We used a macOS computer to test out F-Secure’s functionality, but the signup process should be roughly the same on any other supported device.

After creating your account, you should be able to import all of your existing passwords in a few minutes. F-Secure supports imports from four of the most popular password managers in 2023: Dashlane, LastPass, KeePassX V2, and the Google Chrome browser password manager.

Of course, you can also add entries manually by adding the username/email address and the corresponding password. While the interface isn’t particularly eye-catching, F-Secure ID Protection stands up well against other top password managers when it comes to ease of use.

Password Sharing

One of the most glaring drawbacks of F-Secure ID Protection is that it doesn’t offer any kind of support for password sharing. While you can access your account on five or 10 devices depending on your license, there’s no way to share entries with other users aside from simply giving them access to your entire account.

Without a password manager that supports sharing, people often resort to sharing passwords through channels like short message service (SMS) and email. It’s important to understand that this kind of sharing is much less secure and could put your accounts at risk. Check out our list of the best password managers in 2023 to learn more about providers that offer this feature.

Customer Support

F-Secure ID Protection Review Customer Support

F-Secure’s user guides cover setup, troubleshooting, and other common concerns. There are separate sections for each operating system, so you’ll be able to get the specific kind of support you need.

Like some other password managers, F-Secure also provides a community forum where you can post questions about the application. The forum appears to receive a post at least once every few days, and posts generally receive at least a handful of comments.

However, you may end up getting a quicker response if you talk directly to someone from the F-Secure team. Phone support is available on weekdays from 9 a.m. until 6 p.m. in most regions including Canada and the United States. F-Secure offers chat support, but there are no posted chat hours. and nobody seemed to be online when we tried to connect.

F-Secure ID Protection Plans & Pricing

F-Secure ID Protection Review F-Secure ID Protection Plans & Pricing

While F-Secure ID Protection doesn’t offer a free plan, there’s a generous 30-day trial that doesn’t even require a payment method. The trial comes with all of the platform’s features with access on up to five devices.

After the end of your trial, you can continue with either a monthly or annual subscription that covers either five or 10 devices. Unlike many other providers, F-Secure gives you the choice to opt into or out of automatic billing during signup, so you won’t have to worry about getting renewed automatically unless you want to enable that setting.

For a set of five licenses, F-Secure charges $3.99 per month for the monthly plan or $39.90 per year for the annual option. The 10-license subscriptions are either $5.99 per month or $59.90 paid annually. While F-Secure initially showed us prices in euros rather than dollars, those figures were the same for both currencies.

Unfortunately, these prices are only available during the introductory offer, which lasts for the first six months if you pay monthly or the first year if you pay annually. You’ll have to pay significantly more after that — an extra $2 per month with either of the monthly options or an extra $20 per year with an annual plan.

At a minimum of $5.99 per month, this makes F-Secure ID Protection noticeably more expensive than most of its competitors. With platforms like Bitwarden offering premium password management features for less than $1 per year, F-Secure’s pricing naturally stands out. F-Secure’s identity theft protection tools make up some of the difference, but the truth is that many other providers offer similar features for less money.

Both annual options come with two free months compared to the corresponding monthly plan, so you’ll save about 17% if you’re willing to pay annually. Naturally, it’s a good idea to switch to the annual option once you’re sure that you want to keep using F-Secure.

Key F-Secure ID Protection User Features

FunctionalityHow It Works
Setting Up the VaultSupports password imports from LastPass, Dashlane, KeePassX V2, and the Google Chrome password manager
Logging Into AccountsAutofill usernames, email addresses, and passwords to log into your online accounts
Creating PasswordsFree, customizable password generator available on the F-Secure website
Changing PasswordsThere’s no automatic password change tool, so you’ll have to change your passwords through each individual website or app
Sharing LoginsF-Secure doesn’t offer any support for sharing passwords with other users. The only option is to give them access to your entire account
Recovering AccountF-Secure ID Protection can’t recover your master password, but you can use a recovery QR code to restore the master password
Advanced Security FeaturesMissing support for 2FA

What Customers Are Saying

F-Secure ID Protection has received relatively middling reviews, with averages of around 4 out of 5. We also noticed that F-Secure hasn’t generated much user feedback to begin with — the mobile app has around 900 reviews on Android and just five on iOS.

Based on our research, the main drawback with F-Secure ID Protection seems to be its inconsistent performance.

Some users have no problems at all and find the platform to be a good value at less than $40 per year for a five-count license plan. However, other reviewers seem to have recurring issues with things like autofill, signing in, and inconsistent support. A few users wanted the option to pay less for just password management, and this group was upset that F-Secure merged the Key and ID Protection apps into one service.

F-Secure ID Protection (FAQs)

What Is F-Secure ID Protection?

F-Secure ID Protection is a combined password manager and identity theft protection service. It can store and sync your passwords, monitor the dark web for personal information, notify you when something goes wrong, and help with other cybersecurity-related issues.

Has F-Secure ID Protection Ever Been Hacked?

At this point, there’s no evidence that F-Secure ID Protection has ever been breached or compromised.

Can You Install F-Secure ID Protection on Other Desktop and Mobile Devices?

F-Secure ID Protection is available for recent versions of macOS, iOS, Windows, and Android. Unfortunately, there’s currently no support for other devices or operating systems.