Pros & Cons of Abine Blur Premium

Like any password manager, Abine Blur Premium has pros and cons that may affect potential customers’ choice to purchase it depending on their particular needs and intended use. Here are the most notable pros and cons we found.

Option to mask cards, emails and phonesNo secure password sharing
User-friendly interfaceNo direct imports from browsers
Automatic form fillingClosed source without full transparency of security methods
Supports two-factor authenticationPrice is higher than some password managers

Key Features of Abine Blur Premium

When researching Abine Blur, we focused on the five password manager features that matter most: security and encryption, app compatibility, usability, password sharing, and price. Below, we break down where Abine Blur stands with each of these key features.

Security and Encryption

Abine Blur Premium Review Security and Encryption

Abine Blur Premium’s security and encryption features include strong 256-bit AES encryption (the industry standard) for all of a user’s data. This consists of passwords and masked email, phone and card data. Additionally, a user’s vault can only be accessed by entering a unique password that only the user knows. This means Abine itself has no way to access a user’s data, and users can’t access their vault if they forget or lose their primary password. The only exception to this rule is if the user has securely stored a backup passphrase (again, something Abine does not have access to). Abine also boasts that this backup passphrase is more secure than 99% of a user’s personally generated passwords.

For an additional layer of security, users can turn on the software’s two-factor authentication feature which requires users to enter their password along with a code generated directly from an authentication app on their mobile device to access their vault. Websites are also blocked from tracking a user’s personal information and data when Blur Premium’s anti-tracking feature is turned on. Finally, users can take advantage of Blur’s masked email, phone and/or card features for additional protection and privacy online. These features allow users to refrain from sharing their personal email addresses, phone numbers and credit card information with companies online when logging in to accounts, making calls and making purchases.

App Compatibility

abine blur premium App Compatibility

Available as browser extensions and mobile apps, Abine Blur Premium is likely to meet the compatibility needs of most users. The biggest exceptions are users who require off-line use, as the service can only be used with internet access, Linux users and users of the Microsoft Edge web browser. Otherwise, Blur Premium can be used on Mac and Windows operating systems and comes with built-in browser extensions for most popular browsers and apps for Apple and Android mobile phones. When installed, the browser extension automatically detects users’ preferred browsers so users can immediately begin taking advantage of its features.

Along with its fairly comprehensive compatibility with various devices and browsers, Blur Premium offers users the ability to automatically sync their vault across multiple devices and their web browser extension. Users with a Dropbox account can also take advantage of encrypted, automatic password database backups.

PlatformAbine Blur Premium
Chrome/Chrome OSYes
Internet ExplorerYes
Windows PCYes

Usability & Ease of Use

abine blur premium Usability & Ease of Use

Abine Blur Premium’s easy-to-use, largely simple and straightforward interface on its browser extensions and mobile apps is likely to be a stand-out feature for many. Additionally, less tech-savvy users may be relieved to learn that Blur does not require installation or download onto a desktop because it is solely browser- and app-based. The vault is also easy to set up, with users having the option to enter logins manually, import passwords from a CSV file or fill credentials in the vault automatically as they visit and log in to sites. While Blur doesn’t allow for many customizations to the vault other than the ability to create custom masked emails and passwords, it has simple pop-up menus that walk users through creating the settings they prefer both within the vault and when they click inside relevant boxes in online website forms.

Likewise, Abine Blur Premium makes it easy for users to access their online accounts. Through its autofill function that prompts users to agree or disagree to its use with just one click, users don’t need to spend time typing, searching for, or copying and pasting passwords into forms. Generating new, strong passwords can also be done in minimal clicks within the user’s vault.

Password Sharing

Unlike many paid, premium password managers, Abine Blur Premium does not include the ability for users to securely share their passwords with other users. However, users are able, if they wish, to sync their vaults across multiple devices and backup their data in encrypted form within their personal Dropbox account.


abine blur premium Price

While Blur’s most basic features are completely free for individuals to install and use, they do not include important functions such as automatic syncing between devices, backups, masked credit cards, masked phones, masked emails and premium user support. When users do opt to pay for a premium account, they can choose between three tiers: basic premium, monthly unlimited and yearly unlimited. With each, users receive the same perks, except the unlimited plans offer users free masked cards if they link them directly to their bank account. As this feature is not offered with the basic premium plan, users must pay to cover credit card fees for any masked cards they wish to use. However, users can easily obtain a refund with two to five business days for the remaining balance of any unused masked cards.

Additionally, users should note that basic premium accounts must be paid at the upfront price of $39 per year.

PlanAbine Blur Premium
Basic Premium$39/year; $2/card for masked cards under $100; 1.5% of card value for masked cards above $100
Monthly Unlimited$14.99/month
Yearly Unlimited$99/year

How Abine Blur Premium Works

abine blur premium review How Abine Blur Premium Works

FunctionalityHow It Works
Setting up the vaultCreate account with a unique strong master password; log in to sites to save existing passwords; create new logins manually by hitting “create new account” and choosing between masked or unmasked email; import logins from other password manager or CSV file
Logging into accountsBlur autofills forms with saved login credentials
Creating passwordsClick “new strong password”; choose to set password preferences such as length and character use; option to create your own
Changing passwordsGo to change password page in website, enter old password if needed and create new password in new password field
Sharing loginsBlur does not offer secure password sharing
Recovering accountIf users forget their master passwords, they can use their backup passphrases to access accounts
Advanced security featuresTwo-factor authentication; masked emails; masked credit cards; passwords encrypted through a private backup passphrase

What Customers Are Saying

Users of the Blur Premium account compliment the product’s privacy services, ease of use and number of included features. One reviewer says, “Abine offers amazing services for those concerned with online privacy. Abine’s Blur software is an AWESOME all-in-one Password Manager, but also allows you to create throw away email addresses in a few clicks.” Another customer references its value, explaining, “The service is very clean and polished. The price tag might be a turn-off, but consider that it is for a very long time period and the services offered are very numerous.”

Bottom Line

While Abine Blur does have a few potential cons for certain users, most notably being its lack of secure password sharing for families and businesses that may need to look elsewhere if they wish to safely share accounts. Advantages such as its user-friendly interface, however, along with its unique focus on online privacy through its various masking features, may make it the perfect password management system for many individuals.