I. Pros & Cons of RememBear

Syncs across Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devicesMore expensive than some similar apps
Fun user interfaceDoesn’t check for duplicate or compromised passwords
Secure 256-bit AES end-to-end encryptionBackups and syncing only available with subscription

II. Key Features of RememBear

We looked at the five most important features of any password manager, including: security and encryption, app compatibility, usability, password sharing and price. Below is a breakdown of RememBear’s key features.

Security & Encryption

remembear review Security & Encryption

When it comes to encryption, users can rest easy knowing that RememBear uses top-of-the-line 256-bit AES end-to-end encryption. If you aren’t familiar with what that means, it might help to know that it is the same type of encryption routinely used by banks to secure user information. End-to-end means that no one actually sees your login information but you, not even RememBear itself.

In addition to the encryption, RememBear also employs other effective security safeguards such as secure remote password (SRP), which protects your data during the transfer from your device to the RememBear servers, and key management system (KMS), which keeps data encrypted even if RememBear experiences a server breach. These safety practices ensure that your data is protected during its entire journey between your devices and the RememBear servers.

RememBear also provides additional login security by requiring a new device key (NDK), a randomly generated 16-digit code, when trying to access your RememBear vault. A hacker can’t access your vault even if they have your Master Password without the NDK. Finally, RememBear also offers two-factor authentication for extra security when logging into certain online accounts, but not for logging into your RememBear vault.

App Compatibility

Remembear Review App Compatibility

RememBear is widely compatible with the most popular operating systems and can work on almost every device for most users. RememBear works with all Windows, macOS, Android and iOS devices. However, users who prefer Linux will have to use another password manager app.

To connect your RememBear account to a new mobile device, simply install the app from the appropriate store and use it to take a picture of a QR code from a pre-existing RememBear installation. Alternatively, if you already have the mobile app and want to connect a new Windows or Mac device, you can generate the QR code with your smartphone or tablet and then hold it in front of your computer’s camera for a quick and easy install.

Once RememBear is set up on your computer, you will want to install its browser extensions to best use the app. Currently, RememBear offers extensions for Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. Unfortunately, if you prefer Edge, Opera or another browser, RememBear may not be the best choice for you.

Chrome, ChromeOSYes
Internet ExplorerNo
Windows PCYes

Usability & Ease of Use

remembear review Usability & Ease of Use

One of RememBear’s best selling points is its ease of use. With cute animated bears and a simple, user-friendly program layout, RememBear appeals to a wide user base, including those who might not otherwise consider using a password manager or other online security tools. When the program is open on your computer, a menu on the left side makes it easy to navigate between your logins, secure notes, card information and app settings. Plus, with the browser extensions installed, RememBear captures your login credentials for you as you visit various sites. When you return to that page, a bear icon appears in the login area and fills in your credentials for you when you click the icon.

The animated bears provide helpful visual cues when using the app. For example, to encourage users to keep using the app and develop better online security practices, RememBear rewards them with fun animations and badges for completing certain achievements. Or when selecting a new password, a bear on the screen changes size to demonstrate how strong the password is. RememBear also comes with a password generator that creates strong, secure passwords for you. Its default setting generates 18-character passwords with two capital letters and two digits.

Password Sharing

Though the purpose of using a password manager is to help you keep your passwords secure, occasionally it’s necessary to share a password with a friend, relative or a coworker. If you need to share a password using RememBear, you can click on any password entry when using the app on your computer and then select the “Share” button displayed near the bottom of the screen. This generates a link that will expire after 48 hours or immediately after it is used. However, there’s no way to securely send the link directly from RememBear. Sending the link over regular email or text would defeat the purpose of keeping your password totally secure, so it would be better to use an encrypted messaging service instead. This is a mixed method because it doesn’t require the person to whom you are sending the password to have a RememBear account, but it does make it a little less convenient and secure to actually send the link to them since it requires a second step.


remembear review Price

Like similar password manager apps, RememBear has both a free version and a paid version. The paid version, RememBear Premium, is available for $3 per month, or $36 per year, which is pretty much in line with what competitor apps charge. The free version still offers unlimited password storage for a single device. However, the free version does not permit users to sync passwords across multiple devices, which is one of the most convenient aspects of using a password manager. Furthermore, only premium users get access to the RememBear Backup Kit, which provides access to an NDK you can use as an emergency back door into your account in the event that you forget your Master Password or it is compromised. Consequently, users who opt for the free version will have to be very careful not to get locked out of their account. Currently, RememBear does not offer any special plans for families, teams, or businesses.

IndividualFree basic; $3 per month premium plan (billed monthly)
FamilyFree basic; $3 per month premium plan (billed monthly)
TeamsFree basic; $3 per month premium plan (billed monthly)
BusinessFree basic; $3 per month premium plan (billed monthly)
EnterpriseFree basic; $3 per month premium plan (billed monthly)

III. How RememBear Works

FunctionalityHow It Works
Setting up the vaultThe RememBear installer guides users through a straightforward setup process. As with other similar apps, users create an account using your email address and a master password. To use RememBear on a mobile device, simply download the app and use it to take a picture of a QR code generated on a device that already has RememBear installed.

RememBear also generates a 16-digit NDK to authenticate your device every time you log in. It is generated on your device and never shared online, not even on the RememBear servers. When you log in with your master passwords, your device automatically submits the NDK. That way, even if your master password is compromised, your account still cannot be accessed without one of your devices.

Logging into accountsThe RememBear installer will prompt you to import passwords you already have saved in your browser or from a supported other password manager app. If you don’t have any saved passwords or use another password manager app, it’s easy to manually add your passwords. Once the passwords are saved, simply click the bear icon when you return to the website to log in automatically.
Creating passwordsYou can use RememBear’s password generator when you’re creating accounts and saving passwords for the first time. If RememBear doesn’t save your login information on an account creation page, you’ll need to save your password and username to RememBear after logging out and back into the website or entering the information manually in the RememBear app.
Changing passwordsOnce saved, any changes, such as different usernames or passwords, will register a prompt to update or save the new information. You can use the RememBear password generator to create new, more secure passwords for all your accounts.
Sharing loginsRememBear is compatible with Windows, macOS, iOS and Android devices. You can use your mobile app to log in on a computer, or vice versa, as long as you are using a compatible device. This allows for easy login sharing between all of your compatible devices.
Recovering accountRememBear creates what it calls a Backup Kit, which enables you to recover your account even if you forget your master password or lose all your trusted devices. The document lists both a 29-digit NDK for your computers and a QR code for mobile devices. There is also a blank space where you can record your master password. This Backup Kit must be kept in a safe place. We recommend putting a physical copy in a secure location in case you ever need to use it.
Advanced security featuresRememBear employs several different security features including 256-AES end-to-end encryption, which means no one but you sees your login information. Other advanced security features including SRP, KMS and two-factor authentication when logging into certain online accounts. Transport layer security (TLS) also protects your data from HTTP attacks. Plus, the NDK required to log in helps protect your account even if your master password is compromised.

RememBear also voluntarily underwent a security audit in 2017 by Cure53. This process is designed to identify any security flaws so that the company can address them before they become a problem for users. This commitment to security distinguishes RememBear from similar password manager apps.

IV. What Customers Are Saying

RememBear users praise the app in online reviews for its ease of use. One reviewer said, “I have been using RememBear for a few months now. I have used other password managers before, but this one is seamless, cute, and works better than the others. It has absolutely no problems syncing and has an excellent password generator which I use frequently.”

Other users commented that the animated bears and user achievements make RememBear fun to use while still having the right security features. One user said, “I’ve used several big name password managers, and this strikes the best balance between security and convenience. It doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and it just works, pretty seamlessly across platforms. Also, the secure notes feature is the easiest to save and access of any password manager I’ve used. Plus, the animations and achievements are adorable!”

Bottom Line

RememBear is a good choice for users who are looking for an easy-to-use password manager app. Though there are lower-priced options or apps that offer more features, RememBear offers a solid combination of excellent security features, a unique account recovery tool and a user-friendly interface that encourages people to actually keep using it, leading to better and more secure online behavior.